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3-yearly hole-in-one Ansongi “I’ll donate if I get 1000 chickens”

“If I get a hole-in-one and win a chicken, I’ll donate.”

In professional golf tournaments, some lucky players are born. When a player achieves a special record, such as a hole-in-one or an albatross, they are often rewarded with prizes that are comparable to the prize money, stimulating the players’ competitive spirit.

The Korean Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour’s Doosan E&C Weave Championship (total prize fund of 1.2 billion won), held at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island, on Nov. 11, featured hole-in-one prizes on three of the par-3 holes.

The most common prize for a hole-in-one in a KLPGA Tour event is a car. The first player to score a hole-in-one at the 17th hole will receive a Lexus 350H hybrid. On the 7th hole, there is a coffee prize worth 10 million won. One of the prizes that caught the players’ attention was the “1,000 Yellow Tong Chicken” on the 14th hole.

Unlike other prizes, the 1,000 chickens can be shared among several people, so the players happily thought about how to use the 1,000 chickens they would receive after making a hole-in-one.

Ahn Song-i, who has experienced the thrill of a hole-in-one four times since her debut on the KLPGA Tour, pledged to donate the chicken if she wins it this time.

“If I get 1,000 chicken, I will share 100 with my acquaintances and donate 900 so that more people can enjoy it,” she said.

An Songyi has made four holes-in-one during his tour, and he has won prizes on three of them, but unusually, he has been lucky every three years.

In 2014, she won a customized kitchen furniture set for her hole-in-one on the 13th hole of the second round of the Nice Masterpiece, and in 2017, she won a Kia K9 car for her hole-in-one on the second round of the KG E-Daily Ladies Open. Three years later, in 2020, she received a Mercedes-Benz E250 car as a prize for her hole-in-one on the seventh hole of the first round of the SK Telecom ADT Caps Championship. She also made a hole-in-one at the 2015 Gyochon Honey Ladies Open, but did not receive a prize. 메이저놀이터

Ahn, who has four hole-in-ones under her belt, has yet to make a hole-in-one this year. A hole-in-one at this tournament would be her fifth career hole-in-one and the third in a three-year span, following holes in 2017 and 2020.

Ahn didn’t have much luck in the first round of the tournament on Nov. 11. Instead, she teed off on the 14th hole and stuck her ball to one meter for a birdie. He made par on the fourth and 17th holes.

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