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370,000 won worth of sales were sold in one second, a whopping 92.5 billion won in sales in one week alone

277 dollars (370,000 won) per second, 1600 dollars (2.11 million won) per minute, and about 1 million dollars (1.3 billion won) an hour. The power of the ‘Masters logo’ with only one red flag planted on the American continent on a yellow background was great. There are over 100 types of goods (souvenirs) with this logo engraved on them. Ball markers, hats, hoodies, T-shirts, and tournament flags were called essential items. Goods that seemed unrelated to golf, such as tumblers, dog bowls, grip key chains, candles, and portable bottles, were also popular. About 70 million dollars (approximately 92.5 billion won, estimate) were sold in one week. This is about four times the total prize money of this year’s tournament, 18 million dollars (23.8 billion won). This is why the organizers couldn’t help but laugh even though they raised the total prize money for the tournament by 20%.

The Masters tournament, which is called the major among majors, ended successfully on the 10th (Korean time). As the tournament became popular, Augusta National Golf Club also enjoyed a special privilege. The souvenir shop was literally phosphoric acid. It was because Masters goods could only be purchased during the tournament. In particular, the Augusta National Golf Club side doubled the size of the souvenir shop in 2018 to see the effect of expansion. It is evaluated that the sales effect was maximized with a grand atmosphere and convenient facilities that seemed to have been moved to a department store.

Why is it possible to raise 70 million dollars in sales revenue in just one week? Some experts analyze that the ‘fans’ desire to show off’ is hidden behind it. First of all, Masters tickets themselves are not easy to obtain. The Masters only sells tickets to about 40,000 people they call ‘patrons’. Tickets are not sold to general fans, so ticket scalping is prevalent. These scalping tickets are also not easy to obtain, and even if you are lucky enough to get a ticket and visit the venue, you cannot bring your cell phone. Since you can’t take pictures or videos, there are a lot of fans who buy goods to prove Masters’ intuition. Merchandise is never sold online and can only be purchased at the venue during the Masters. It is sold out quickly, stimulating the ‘limited edition desire’. 카지노사이트 Thanks to this, it is not difficult to see fans carrying large shopping bags filled with goods on their shoulders.

Last year, the US economic magazine Forbes reported that Masters earned $69 million from merchandise alone, $40 million from badge sales, which is the concept of ticket sales, and $25 million from overseas TV broadcasting rights, totaling $142 million (approximately 187.4 billion won). ) reported revenue. Merchandise sales account for half of total revenue. This year is not expected to be much different. Britain’s Daily Mail predicted, “Masters is expected to make 150 million dollars (approximately 198 billion won) in total revenue from this year’s event along with merchandise sales.”Fans aren’t the only ones pouring money into buying goods. Jordan Spieth (USA), the signboard of the American Professional Golf (PGA) tour, confessed that he “flexed” 5,000 dollars (approximately 6.6 million won) at one time. He said he had bought a Masters-branded suit and hat, a nice jacket for his father, and left four large shopping bags on his back as he left the souvenir shop. Even Kevin Na (USA), who has now moved to LIV Golf, revealed that he spent between $8,000 and up to $10,000 (about 13.2 million won) a year to buy gifts for his family, friends, and sponsors.

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