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Time for us to shine.

A dizzying collision in front of a fence, a hug play that saved a colleague… As brilliant as the Panama victory

I saved a colleague who was almost seriously injured. The play of Panama outfielder Jose Ramos (22) impressed as much as the victory. 

Panama won 12-5 against Taiwan in the first game of Group A of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Intercontinental Baseball Stadium in Taichung, Taiwan on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time). Panama’s first victory in the tournament, having lost both in 2006 (3 losses) and 2009 (2 losses) in the WBC. 

Taiwan had a home advantage and received enthusiastic support from 15,540 spectators, but could not break through Panama’s solid baseball. Panama, who exploded 14 hits in the long run, overwhelm Taiwan in offense and defense with stable defense centered on shortstop Ruben Tejada., which covered the news of the game that day, also said, ‘The place where Panama shined was the defense. Tejada was dazzling at the shortstop position,’ he said, highlighting the jump catch of right fielder Luis Castillo (34) in the 5th inning, which was the biggest catch so far this night and this tournament.’  스마일 토토

5th inning with Taiwan trailing 0-5. Leading batsman Jeong Chung-cheo hit a deep ball to the warning track in front of the right-middle fence, and Castillo, the Panama right fielder, followed and jumped with his arms outstretched to make a jump catch. In the process, Castillo’s body leaned backwards as he collided with center fielder Ramos, whose movements overlapped. 

A dizzying situation where you can fall to the ground from your waist to your head. In a split second, Ramos showed his wits. He hugged and supported the crashed Castillo with both arms to alleviate his shock when he fell to the ground. Ramos did not forget the follow-up play to see if Castillo missed the ball. 

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