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A rival team’s agent recognized “Kim Min-jae as the best defender in Serie A”

Juventus central defender Daielli Rugani’s agent, Davide Torquia, Rugani praised Kim Min-jae.

Torkia appeared on Tmw radio on the 23rd (Korean time) and said, “Kim Min-jae is the best defender in Serie A.”

Talking about Hvica Kvarazhela and Victor Osimen, who are leading Napoli’s rise, Torkia praised him as “the strongest defender in Serie A”, saying, “I can’t help but talk about Kim Min-jae.”

According to Foot Mob, a soccer statistics company, as of the 23rd, Min-jae Kim’s average rating in Serie A was 7.52, ranking first among defenders and seventh overall. Napoli is on the verge of winning Serie A for the first time in 33 years thanks to Kim Min-jae’s solid defense, and also reached the quarterfinals in the Champions League for the first time in the club’s history. Kim Min-jae, who was the first Asian player to be selected as the Serie A Player of the Month in September last year, was also nominated for the Player of the Month in March.

Managed by Torchia, Rugani was an up-and-coming Italian defender. He developed his mettle in the youth team of Juventus and italic made his way through the age-specific national team and up to the adult national team. 스포츠토토

Rugani, who was loaned to Empoli to gain experience, led Empoli to Serie A promotion in the first season of the loan, and returned to Juventus after being ranked in the Serie A best 11 in the second season.

However, when he returned to Juventus, a situation developed that neither Rugani nor Juventus expected. He struggled to play, being pushed by existing defenders such as Leonardo Borucci and Giorgio Chiellini. Maybe that’s why, every time he played, his performance fell, and he is currently completely out of the competition for the starting lineup, as he has only played 5 games this season. The market value set by TransferMarkt was 2200 euros in 2019, but it is currently only 2.5 million euros.

Talking about Kvarachhelia and Osimen, Torkia said: “If I had to choose one, it would be Osimen’s goal. Assists are important, but Osimen scores anyway.”

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