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‘Ace”s passion for resurrection… Sleepless Night of ‘Best Catcher’

Choi Won-joon (27, Doosan Bears) is usually called a “academic pitcher.” After finishing Cheongbaekjeon or practice matches, he always visits the power analyst to review the contents of the match. He meticulously checks pitching form as well as detailed data items. A Doosan official said, “It seems that (Choi) Won-joon only has baseball in his head.”

Choi Won-joon’s passion for baseball continues even in his dorm. The story of the person in charge of the field is that he constantly looks for baseball videos, thinks, and worries, including when he was good.

Choi Won-joon is preparing for 2023 with great effort. After winning double-digit victories in 2020 and 2021, he recorded an average ERA of 3.60 with 8 wins and 13 losses in 30 games last year. He digested 165 innings, the most since his debut, but it was a season in which regrets coexisted, such as suffering the most losses after his debut.

There were also victims (?) of Choi Won-joon’s passion. He is Jang Seung-hyeon, a catcher of the same age as his Sydney camp ‘roommate’. Jang Seung-hyun revealed, “I can’t sleep at night because of Won-jun.”

Choi Won-joon had a reason to hold on to Jang Seung-hyeon and talk to him. Choi Won-joon laughed and said, “(Jang) Seung-hyeon on our team has received my ball the most. That’s why I keep asking him about good times and bad times.” 스포츠토토

Jang Seung-hyeon lost sleep due to his friend’s passion (?), but it was true that he didn’t hate it. This season is also important to Jang Seung-hyun. At the age of approaching 30, Yang Eui-ji, the national catcher, came to the team. In the spring camp, Ahn Seung-han, Park Yoo-yeon, and Yoon Jun-ho are competing in good faith to survive in the first team.

Jang Seung-hyun smiled, saying, “I learn a lot from his passion for baseball and his attitude towards baseball. I also feel a lot while talking with (Choi) Won-joon.”

He continued, “I hope the two of them do really well this season,” he said.

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