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Time for us to shine.

After a seven-year contract worth 13 billion won, the free agent’s new annual salary is only 50 million won. Compensation player Ahn Joong-yeol also cut

NC Dinos concluded salary negotiations with 62 contract renewal candidates.

Veteran infielder Park Seok-min, who was punished for violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules, re-signed for 50 million won, down 93% from 700 million won after the FA contract ended. It is truly a white army.

Pitcher Shim Chang-min signed a new contract for 150 million won, a 46% reduction of 130 million won from 280 million won, and Lee Min-ho, who received 100 million won, also signed for 50 million won, a decrease of 50 million won. 메이저사이트

The two compensation players were divided into raises and cuts. Ahn Joong-yeol, who came as Noh Jin-hyuk’s compensation player, signed a contract for 60 million won, a decrease of 4 million won (6%) from 64 million won last year, while pitcher Jeon Chang-min, who was brought in as Yang Eui-ji’s compensation player, increased 3 million won (10%) from 30 million won to 33 million won. contracted to

The highest increase and increase rate was Gu Chang-mo, who signed a multi-year contract, and received 600 million won, an increase of 410 million won from 190 million won last year. That’s a 216% increase.

Among players excluding multi-year contracts, Kim Si-hoon ranks first in the increase rate. The contract was renewed for 90 million won, up 60 million won from 30 million won, showing a 200% increase, and Oh Young-soo and Kim Jin-ho each received 60 million won, a 100% increase.

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