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Are you really Pochettino? Chelsea completely ‘lose money’ with manager Treble

Luis Enrique (52) also completely turned away from Chelsea. 

Transfer reporter Fabricio Romano reported on the 23rd (Korean time) that Chelsea have completely ended negotiations with Luis Enrique. 

The reporter announced the end of the negotiations, saying, “Luis Enrique has been withdrawn from negotiations for Chelsea’s new manager. The club has decided this and there are no further changes.” 

He said, “After Julian Nagelsmann’s situation changed on the 21st, former PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino remains as a candidate for the new manager.” 

Enrique took over as coach of the Spanish national team for three years until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After being knocked out by Morocco in the round of 16 and immediately resigning as manager, he immediately wanted a new challenge. 

After Chelsea sacked manager Graham Porter after an A-match in March, a new manager was found, and Enrique was also on the list of candidates. He showed eagerness to travel to London himself and speak with the Chelsea board.  온라인카지노

However, the board saw a new candidate named Pochettino. Pochettino, who has been active in the Premier League for a long time and has experience in the Champions League and is familiar with English, has emerged as a candidate for the new manager in that he wants communication in English as the owner of the United States. 

Then, Enrique was naturally pushed out of the priority list. He has also been linked to the Tottenham Hotspur candidate who sacked manager Antonio Conte, but it is only a possibility. 

On the club stage, Enrique’s leadership career has been spectacular.

After finishing his career at Barcelona in 2004, he started as Barcelona Academy coach four years later, then AS Roma and Celta Vigo coach, and became Barcelona coach in 2014.

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