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Chungnam Asan FC signs an agreement with Animo, the ‘integrated life care cosmetics brand’!

Chungnam Asan FC is with Animo, the ‘integrated life care cosmetics brand’.

On the 3rd, the Chungnam Asan Professional Soccer Team (owner Park Gyeong-gwi, hereinafter Chungnam Asan) held a sponsorship agreement ceremony with Animo (CEO Jeong Woong-ji) at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex. On this day, Chungnam Asan CEO Jeon Hye-ja, Animo CEO Jung Woong-ji, and officials from both companies sat together.

Animo is a vegan cosmetics brand that is needed by modern people who are looking for a healthier and more beautiful life in Spanish that expresses the soul, mood, and heart. With this agreement, Animo will sponsor magnesium sports sprays and magnesium powder bath salts to help Chungnam-Asan athletes achieve 메이저놀이터 the best performance during training and competition.

Magnesium sports spray launched by Animo is a product that has completed human body application tests, and is a magnesium-content spray that has passed the test for increasing moisture and elasticity, relieving calf swelling, and skin irritation. In particular, Animo’s special AMS method was used to apply for a patent for a muscle pain relieving spray composition.

Animo Magnesium Powder Bath Water is a product that can be easily used during foot bath, half body bath, and face wash. It is excellent for recovering from fatigue by recharging energy and moisturizing the tired skin and improving the quality of sleep. It is a product whose safety has been proven through a skin hypoallergenic test, and has been chosen by many consumers, such as being ranked No. 1 in sales in the Kakao Makers beauty category.

Animo CEO Jeong Woong-ji said, “It is a pleasure and an honor to be with the Chungnam Asan Professional Soccer Team. Sponsored products such as magnesium sports spray will have a positive effect on the athletes’ condition improvement. I wish for Chungnam-Asan’s success in the 2023 season and will spare no support and support.”

Jeon Hye-ja, CEO of the Chungnam Asan Professional Football Club, said, “I would like to express my gratitude to CEO Jung Woong-ji and the Animo officials who have worked hard to be with our club. I know that players such as Park Se-jik are already using magnesium sports spray products. Through this agreement, we hope that the players in the 2023 season will be able to maintain their best condition.”