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Conte also turned his back on the squad… “Are we selfish? It’s just self-defense”

Now the players have turned their backs. Antonio Conte (54) Tottenham manager’s time is coming to an end.

Conte recently publicly criticized the squad. He said, “We weren’t just a proper team. All 11 players were selfish. They didn’t help each other or cooperate.” I don’t want to play under stress. This is the story of Tottenham.”

Tottenham players are protesting against manager Conte’s bomb remarks. Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 21st (Korean time), “Conte’s public criticism was not well received in the locker room,” and reported the reaction of the Tottenham players. 

The media added, “The players admit responsibility for the poor performance, but think his press conference was just self-defense. They knew since January that Conte would leave at the end of the season.” 스포츠토토

One of the players’ agents said: “Conte always speaks as if he is doing the players and the club a favor by still being in the team. He questioned the attitude and commitment of the squad when it became clear that he did not want to remain at Tottenham for long. was,” he revealed.

Pierre-Emile Hoivier also publicly criticized Conte’s remarks. “I understand that to be successful as a team, all 11 people have to commit, but I think Conte needs to explain how he feels before that,” he said. He emphasized that he is a player who dedicates %.

Several players are already seeking a reunion with manager Mauricio Pochettino. According to the media, some players have been disillusioned with the lack of team identity, progressive football and talent development since Pochettino’s resignation and recommended him to return.

Meanwhile, Tottenham are contemplating the upcoming dismissal of coach Conte. The media added, “Conte’s future will be decided by Wednesday night.” There is a 9-hour time difference between the UK and Korea, so it is early Thursday morning in Korean time.

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