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Time for us to shine.

Director Lee Seung-yeop’s soft charisma, ‘Baby Bear’ dances

“There are so many players with potential beyond the basics.”
Doosan head coach Kim Han-soo is surprised every day. This is the first time for Kim, who has served as a player, coach, and manager at Samsung, to lead a leadership career in another team. He is often surprised when he looks into the reality of Doosan, which is called ‘Hwasubun’. Senior coach Kim, who leads the spring camp at the Blacktown International Baseball Center (Blacktown Stadium) in Australia, said, “There are so many good players. Of course, we have to wait and see how he will perform in real life, but if you look at his talent, most players have potential beyond the basics.”

The fact that there are many players with ‘potential beyond basic’ means that the future is bright. Among the beasts, there are abundant future resources in and out of the field, such as Kim Min-hyuk, Kim Dae-han, Jo Su-haeng, Ahn Jae-suk, and Lee Yu-chan. It is the role of the coaches to polish the gemstone and make it shine. Spring camp is the period of foundation construction, so there is no choice but to carve it carefully. Head Coach Kim hinted, “The manager is really good,” and “He talks a lot, and he has a strong will to bring out the potential of the players.”

It is the players who explode their potential. The recent trend is for coaches to act as facilitators. Doosan, which switched to this coaching system, completely changed the training atmosphere. The approach is different from the previous director who was relatively strong. It starts with respect for the players.
“Every player has their own personality. It is not a good direction to artificially change the hitting and pitching form that suits my body. If you have a swing that suits your body, giving basic advice, such as how to use your strength and how to hit the ball accurately, 안전놀이터 is more important than changing your form.” It emphasizes the back pelvis (the right side of a right-handed hitter) or tells the movement of the wrist in detail at the moment of impact. If you use your strength properly and hit the ball accurately, there is no reason to change your batting form. I am a professional in finding the ‘swing that suits me’.

The faces of the players are also bright at Lee’s approach, which is to silently observe and joke instead of interfering or nagging. It makes me want to work hard like this. Coach Lee also said, “The players work too hard. It’s natural to work hard, but I’m surprised that he took all the training seriously like this,” he laughed.
Doosan is a team with many veterans in their mid-30s. Right now this year’s grades are important, but we have to prepare for the next generation. Thinking and realizing for yourself and watching until you have self-confidence. This is the preparation method for ‘Next Generation’ that director Lee started. ‘Team Bears’ is filling the stomach.

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