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Draw with ERA of 1 point, ‘Japan’s most unlucky man’ QS also failed for the first time

The most unlucky man in Japanese professional baseball, Taisuke Yamaoka (27. Orix Buffaloes), failed to win even after another quality start.

They are already undefeated in 5 matches.

Until the 4th game, he could not win even after recording an average ERA (1.99) in the 1st range. And in the game on the 7th, even though I did my part with a quality start, I couldn’t make a connection with victory.

Until the game on the 7th, Yamaoka appeared in 4 games this season and did not record a win or loss. Even in well-thrown games, there are cases where the team is not helped by the batting line or the bullpen is not able to win the game.

His batting average was only 0.188 and his strikeout/walk ratio was 3.00. WHIP was holding low at 1.01.

But didn’t even get a win.

He started the game against the Seibu Lions at the Kyocera Dome on the 7th and recorded a quality start, but he also failed to become a winning pitcher.

Yamaoka fought back with no runs until the fifth inning. The number of pitches was barely over 60. He pitched to perfection. The other line also supported Yamaoka by scoring 1 and 2 points in the 1st and 2nd innings, respectively.

But again luck was not with him.

In the 6th episode, he suddenly started to show his hunting skills. It also caught two outs and shook, leaving more regret.

The first batter, Nishioka, was grounded to second base, and Tonosaki was eliminated with a center fielder fly, seemingly ending the sixth inning. 토토사이트

However, he gave up a walk to Makinon, a left-handed hit to Yamakawa, and a walk to Kurihara, causing a crisis with two outs loaded.

Then, he was beaten by Yakabayashi with a double in mid-month, and 3 points were deducted at once. In the end, with the score tied 3-3, he came down the mound and could not record a win or loss this time.

The game ended with Seibu winning 5-4. Yamaoka had to be content with avoiding defeat. It’s Yamaoka who is terribly out of luck.

After the game, Yamaoka’s earned run average rose to 2.51. Even with the higher earned run average, it is inevitable that Museung will be regrettable.

It remains to be seen if Yamaoka can overcome his bad luck in his next appearance and hunt for his first win.

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