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DRX-Gen.G, meet each other… 5th week notice

DRX, who never lost at Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Pacific 2023, and Gen. G face off. Since it is a confrontation between teams that are on a 4-game winning streak, the winning team is more likely to finish in first place in the regular league.

Riot Games (Korean representative Hyuk-Jin Cho,, the developer and distributor of the 5v5 battle type character-based tactical shooting game ‘VALORANT’, In the 5th week of the VCT Pacific 2023 held at the Sangam Coliseum in Mapo-gu, Seoul, it was announced that DRX and Gen.G, who are reaping victories, will face off head-to-head.

DRX and Gen.G are two of the 10 teams participating in the VCT Pacific that have not experienced defeat. Starting with the Zeta Division, DRX defeated Global eSports and Talon ESports, and in the last 4 weeks, even the tricky opponent Paper Rex, all of which were defeated 2-0, not to mention winning all but losing sets.

Gen.G’s pace is also formidable. Gen.G, who defeated Rex Righam Kwon 2-0 in the opening week, lost a set to Detonation Focus Me in the second week, but kept the victory. Since then, Gen.G, who defeated Team Secret and T1 2-0 in a row, is closely chasing DRX with a set win and loss of +7 from 4 wins.

The team that wins the head-to-head match between DRX and Gen.G on the 22nd (Sat) is highly likely to finish the regular league in first place. This is because it is the first to occupy the 5-win hill, as well as widening the gap with the second place by one game. If DRX, which maintained first place while beating Zeta Division, which is currently in third place, wins Gen.G, the chances of finishing the regular league in first place will increase even more.

Pay attention to DRX ‘Foxy9’ and Gen.G ‘King’

The players to note in the match between the two teams are DRX’s ‘Foxy9’ Jae-seong Jung and Gen.G’s ‘King’ Seung-won Lee. Jung Jae-seong, who made his debut at VCT Pacific 2023, showed his skills unlike a rookie, ranking first in average battle score and average damage per round, contributing greatly to DRX’s zero-set march. 안전놀이터

Gen.G Lee Seung-won is also showing equal numbers compared to Jung Jae-sung. Lee Seung-won ranked first in KDA (number of deaths after adding kills and assists) with a score of 1.37, followed by Jung Jae-seong with an average combat score of 243.80, and ranked third in average damage per round.

Lee Seung-won played for the Vision Strikers (DRX’s predecessor) in the early days of VALORANT esports, so he is likely to be the key man for the 1st place fight on the 22nd, given that he knows DRX’s play style well.

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