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Even if Shin-Sung Ho, Su-Bin, and Seung-Mo leave, there are ‘freshly minted sons’…, Kim Jun-Ho Linea became the preferred MF for attackers

The Pohang Steelers’ next midfielder, Kim Jun-ho, 21, has a lot of weight on his shoulders. In fact, Kim Jun-ho’s biggest burden is the shadow of his father. This is because his father is none other than Kim Ki-dong, the head coach of Pohang, where he plays. Even though he had good skills, he had to endure the unkind gaze of those around him. It could have been easy for him to lose his mind, but his strong mental strength was another of his strengths.

Two years after his professional debut, the opportunity presented itself. After two years of playing only nine games, with Shin Shin-ho, Lee Soo-bin, and Lee Seung-mo being the main resources, Kim Jun-ho was given the chance to play a key role this season. Shin and Lee left for Incheon and Jeonbuk, respectively, and even Lee moved to Seoul this summer. On top of that, Kim Jong-woo, who plays the same position, is out with an injury. He is unlikely to return until July. In Kim’s preferred 4-2-3-1 formation, Kim Jun-ho is expected to play the role of a “double-bolster” (two defensive midfielders) alongside “Bok-poong” Oberdan, a new signing this season.

Kim Jun-ho has started the last three matches in a row. Against Incheon on March 25, he started and played the entire first 45 minutes, helping the team to a 1-0 victory. His talent was on display in that game as well. After receiving a pass from Park Seung-wook in the 36th minute with the score at 1-0, Junho read Kim In-sung’s position beforehand and delivered a non-stop right-footed kill pass into the space behind the opposing defender. It was a perfect pass for Kim In-sung, who utilized his speed. Kim Jun-ho has delivered sharp kill passes to attackers in the last three matches in a row. 메이저사이트

“The attackers who utilize the opponent’s defense line, such as Kim Seung-dae and Kim In-sung, love Junho’s kill passes, and we have been lacking passes that penetrate the front at once,” said Kim.

Pohang sent Lee Seung-mo to Seoul and brought in defensive midfielder Han Chan-hee in a trade. However, he wasn’t quite ready yet. Han was subbed off at the start of the second half in Incheon, but was replaced by Kim Yong-hwan in the 40th minute, so it looks like Kim Jun-ho will be Oberdan’s partner for the foreseeable future.

‘Captain’ Kim Seung-dae said, “If you look at it coldly, Jun-ho’s spot has been so important since the off-season. Kim Jong-woo came, but with (Shin) Jin-ho leaving, it was a position we were worried about. It was a risky spot, and Junho is still young, so we decided to wait and see. I was always in favor of Junho playing. Like any other player, once he gains confidence, he can be just as competitive as the existing players. I think he will be a great addition to the team.” He also praised Junho, saying, “Our masters are (the late) Young Jun and Junho. I’ve been pushed aside. They are really good. Young Jun is the older one now. Jun-ho is the second son,” he joked.

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