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Gangwon FC’s controversy over rice paddy grass… Representative Kim Byung-ji “I feel so sorry for the player, I can’t go to Gangneung due to poor conditions”

“I’m so sorry. I am worried that the players will get hurt.”

I have a lot of worries about poor grades, but the environment doesn’t help. This is the story of Gangwon FC, which is again caught up in controversy over the ‘grass on the rice field’ in its home stadium. CEO Kim Byung-ji said with frustration about the turf problem.

Since the beginning of this season, Gangwon has been criticized by members of the K-League for the messy grass at the main stadium of Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon, their home stadium. In the first place, traces of great damage were seen across the center of the stadium, but recently, the grass has been damaged to the point where you wonder if it’s a soccer field right up to the touchline. In the 13th round of K-League 1 between Gangwon and Suwon Samsung on the 13th, there were players who bounced or fell irregularly due to the grass. This is an unacceptable environment in professional sports, where you have to show your best performance to fans who have purchased tickets and visited the stadium.

This ground environment carries the risk of player injury. Chuncheon City Corporation, which is the main body of management, is trying to find the cause by asking a professional company, but it is not easy to get an answer. However, the club, as well as the professional soccer federation and many soccer players, believe that the management body has misinjected nutrient-promoting fertilizer and spoiled it. Gangwon club tried to come up with countermeasures such as lawn supplements recently through cooperation with Chuncheon City Corporation, but it did not see any effect.

In the end, the professional league sent an official letter to the Gangwon club on the 18th, asking them to submit a plan to improve the turf. Even if the home game against the Pohang Steelers scheduled for the 21st is played as scheduled, if no improvement is found, it is known that the next home game, the Gangwon-Daejeon match, will be held on the 7th of next month. 메이저놀이터

In a phone call with Sports Seoul on the 19th, CEO Kim Byeong-ji said, “It is difficult because we are not the ones managing the stadium. It seems that a mistake was made while trying to manage well in Chuncheon City, but it is good to have a break (to recover the grass) like the A match period in June, but it seems difficult now.”

Some suggest using Gangneung Sports Complex or Wonju Sports Complex as a substitute. However, CEO Kim said, “Gangneung has many events such as the Gangwon-do Provincial Sports Festival, so it is ambiguous to schedule our home games. In addition, the game on June 7 is played at night, and Wonju knows that the lighting facilities do not meet the K-League standards.” Until then, we need to improve the turf,” he stressed.

After receiving the official document from the professional league, Gangwon went through consultations with the city government as well as the sports department of Chuncheon City. CEO Kim said, “Honestly, in the 1990s, when our generation played as professional players, the training ground (turf) was not like this. “I feel so sorry for the player,” he said. “Coach Yongsoo Choi also talks about grass. Chuncheon City is taking this issue seriously. I will play to the fullest,” he said.

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