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‘Glasses Ace’ sent a thank you message to ‘Lin Dong-won’ “I learned the right attitude to have as a professional player” 

Park Se-woong, the ‘Ace of Glasses’ of the Lotte Giants, supported the future of Josh Lindblom, who announced his retirement from active duty. 

Lindblom said on his Instagram on the 13th, “A good friend of mine asked me before last season, ‘What would it look like to finish well?’ From then on, for seven months, 바카라사이트 I thought of that question every morning when I woke up. did,” he said.  

He added, “Most of us can’t choose when to finish. You never know when the last minute will be. To finish well is to live each day thinking that it’s the last. To do our best in every moment until the end.” 

Lindblom said, “For 30 years, baseball has taught me a lot more than balls and strikes, hits and runs, wins and losses. Baseball has taught me life and made me write this letter.” Thank you to everyone who gave,” he said goodbye. 

To Park Se-woong, Lindblom’s retirement seems to be unique. This is because all of them have one thing in common: they are pitchers with the scent of Choi Dong-won, the ‘unsalted hero’. 

Choi Dong-won is considered the best right-handed pitcher in KBO history along with Kim Si-jin, KBO Game Operations Committee member, and Seon Dong-ryeol, former national team coach. He recorded an outstanding record of 103 wins, 74 losses and 26 saves (average ERA of 2.46), and earned Lotte’s first championship in the Korean Series in 1984 with 4 wins alone, befitting his nickname ‘Iron Arm’. 

‘Glasses ace’ Park Se-woong is reminiscent of Choi Dong-won in both appearance and fighting spirit. Lindblom earned the nickname ‘Lin Dongwon’ based on his excellent innings pitching ability, including 210 innings in his first year of his KBO league debut (2015).

Park Se-woong, whom we met at the Gyeongbuk High School baseball field on the afternoon of the 13th, said, “When I was young, I learned a lot from watching Lindblom. I learned the right attitude to have as a player. I was able to get to where I am today thanks to watching and following Lindblom diligently.” 

Also, “In a way, I feel regret that it would be nice to be together a little longer. I have finished my career as a player, but I hope that I will put aside thoughts of baseball for a while and spend a good time with my family. Cherish the happy memories I had with Lindblom. And I really want to see you again,” he said.

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