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Time for us to shine.

Green Monster direct hit, 1 RBI, 2 bases, Yoshida returned as the strongest hitter, 11G consecutive hits, batting average 0.167 → 0.286

His batting average, which had fallen to 106 and 70, is now looking at 300.

Boston Red Sox outfielder Yoshida Masataka (30) had two hits against the Toronto Blue Jays on the 2nd (Korean time). He came on as the second designated hitter and hit a double to left field in the first inning and a base hit in the fifth. On April 26, following the Boltmore Orioles match, he played a multi-hit game in 5 games.

In the first inning, lead batter Alex Verdugo hit a double toward center field. From second base, Yoshida hit the Green Monster on the left side of Fanway Park in Boston with an RBI double. Toronto starting pitcher Jose Berrios pushed an outside high course fastball (150km/h) thrown from 1B. It is a ball that hits the green monster directly in 3 consecutive games.

This season, he recorded a hit streak of 11 games, the most in the major leagues. Yoshida then homed on Justin Turner’s timely hit in the third.

In the second at-bat in the third inning, the third baseman was out with a ground ball. The second hit came in the third at-bat. This time, he entered the plate as the lead batter. He hit 2B2S with a sinker (150 km/h) that burrowed into his body and made it a heavy hit.

4 at-bats, 2 hits, 1 RBIIn the bottom of the ninth, when the score was tied 5-5, Boston won by Alex Verdugo, the lead batter, hitting a walk-off home run. The changed pitcher Jordan Romano hit a 150 km/h fastball in the middle of the throw and crossed the right wall.

It was the third win in a row this season.

In his first year in the major leagues, he quickly adapted. 크크크벳

Yoshida posted a new tournament record of 13 RBIs as a main hitter for the Japanese national team at the WBC (World Baseball Classic). He played a big role as a key hitter and led Japan to the championship. Returning to his team Boston, he started in the opening game as the fourth-left fielder. He took a short break due to a hamstring injury, but overcame the sluggishness and returned as a center hitter.

Yoshida hit a one-run home run in the eighth inning against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 23. He hit his second home run of the season in 59 at bats. He hit a home run with superior bases in the second at-bat in the first turn of the batter. This is a record 15 years after Boston’s ‘legend’ David Otis hit ‘two homers in one inning’ in 2008.

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