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Han Ji-eun reaches the quarterfinals alone among the ‘youngest line’! Kwon Bal-hae, Kim Min-ah, and all Japanese players eliminated

Former No. 1 amateur player Han Ji-eun (Eswai) continues to improve on her best results.

On April 24, in the round of 16 at the Hanacard LPBA Championships at the Goyang PBA Stadium, Han defeated the inaugural LPBA Champion Kim Gap-sun in straight sets, 2-0 (11-7, 11-8) to reach the quarterfinals.

With this victory, Han rewrote her career best performance. She was eliminated in the first round at the opening event and reached the round of 32 at the second tour (Silk Road & Anshan Championships). At the same time, she was the only player born in the 2000s to reach the quarterfinals.

He didn’t hit any big shots, but gradually accumulated points over the course of one or two sets. In the first game, there were four points in a row, but there were also long silences. After taking the game to 11-7 in 16, Han picked up the pace in the second set, reaching the 11th point in nine games to close out the match.

Playing alongside her compatriot, Kwon Bal-hae fell short of advancing to the quarterfinals after a 2-1 (11-6, 6-11, 9-3) setback to Kim Jin-ah (Hanacard). In the first set, Kwon looked to be in control with four consecutive points, but Kim fought back to within one point. It was 6-7 in the 12th. It wasn’t until the 15th game that Kwon scored four points in a row to take the first set.

스포츠토토 The second set started in a similar fashion, but Jin Ah Kim racked up points to take a 9-6 lead and then scored two more points to level the match. Kim seized the momentum in the third set and closed out the game with a clear lead.

Kang Ji-eun (SK Rent-a-Car), who faced off against Oriie Hida (SK Rent-a-Car, Japan), also advanced to the quarterfinals with a 2-1 victory. Elsewhere, Kim Bomi (NHK Card) defeated Yong Hyun-ji (Hiwon Resort).

Defending champion Kim Min-ah (NH Card) was eliminated by Kim Se-yeon (Huon’s). Baek Min-ju (Crown Hae-tae), Lee Im-rae (Hi-One Resort), and Jung Eun-young rounded out the quarterfinals. In addition to Hida, Japanese players such as Higashiuchi and Ayako Sakai were all eliminated.

The LPBA quarterfinals, which will begin at 6 p.m. on May 25, will feature a showdown between Im and Han, followed by Kim Jin-ah and Baek Min-ju, Kim Se-yeon and Kang Ji-eun, and Kim Bomi and Jeong Eun-young.

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