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Time for us to shine.

Hong Geon-hee, who used to be nice, stood tall as a reliable closer “Doosan’s first overseas training, I’m excited!”

“The first overseas training at Doosan. I’m excited!”
‘Nice man’ Hong Kun-hee (31, Doosan) has established himself as a solid finishing pitcher in the year of Gye-myo (癸卯年). Hong Kun-hee said, “Even after the finish camp in November of last year, I continued to train. He also worked hard on strengthening his shoulders and elbows, and spent the winter following his routine.”

Hong Kun-hee, who wore a Doosan uniform as a trade in 2020, settled down as a finisher after going through a bullpen victory group. Last year, he suffered ups and downs due to big and small injuries, but managed to make a soft landing with 2 wins, 9 losses, 18 saves and an average ERA of 3.48 in 62 innings.

The success factor is increased speed. The restraint, which stayed in the middle of 140 km/h, exceeded 150 km in the second half. Even during his KIA days, he was a pitcher with a good pitch, so he was called ‘unfinished standby’, but after transferring to Doosan, his skills exploded. He said, “I don’t know why the restraints increased. I haven’t changed anything significantly, but both average and maximum speed have increased.” He said, “At KIA, I couldn’t bring out the restraint I had because I was paying attention to my control. At Doosan, it was a good influence that the head coaches all said, ‘Hit it with force’.”

Hong Kun-hee’s strength and weakness was that he did not add his thoughts to the coaches’ orders. It is the same context that the modifier ‘good man’ is attached. 먹튀검증 She has a great desire to do well, but she often compromises with herself to solve the homework of her self-insecurity. For example, rather than throwing a fastball with power in a full count or 2-2, this is an example of allowing a long hit by throwing without power (to avoid throwing the ball).
tried to improve Hong Kun-hee said, “In the past, when I was in a crisis, I couldn’t establish my own pitching balance and style. It seemed that it was because of the pressure to develop.” He added, “I came to Doosan and assumed a good position, so I established my own style and self-confidence.” Hong Kun-hee, who said, “I was burdened and nervous” after taking on the special assignment of finishing pitcher, said, “I got used to it as I kept throwing. As the results followed, I gained confidence. The closing pitcher is not a position that anyone can do. The opportunity has come, so I want to do well.”

Personally, it wasn’t a perfect season, with four blown saves. He said, “There were a lot of unfortunate defeats (9 losses). He has many memories of pitching in a tie situation and scoring. He emphasized that this year’s goal is to act as a link to victory by blocking well when starting in a tie situation rather than a position.” This is the reason why he vowed to become a pitcher who gives confidence without injury rather than shame.
Hong Geon-hee, ahead of the first overseas training (Sydney, Australia) after moving to Doosan, said, “I think I will be able to improve my condition faster than in previous years because I can train in a warm place. (Yang) I’m looking forward to his willingness and breathing,” he laughed. In 2023, which is full of excitement in many ways, Hong Kun-hee is dreaming of a finish that Doosan did not have.

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