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“Husband not paying child support? Falsehood” Gold medalist Jung Darae closes social media, fights lawsuit

Former national swimmer and Asian Games gold medalist Jung Darae (32) is embroiled in a legal battle.

According to an exclusive report by TenAsia on July 17, Jung Darae and her husband, Mr. A, sued Mr. A’s ex-wife, Ms. B, for spreading falsehoods and defamation.

In a post on her social media (SNS) account, B claimed that “Mr. A has not paid child support for two years,” referring to both Jung Darae and Mr. A’s real name. Mr. B also wrote, “Mr. and Mrs. Jung are trying to collect child support. I started a lawsuit for child support and the amount owed is 50 million won. After promising to pay child support and not keeping it, they suddenly sued for annulment of common-law marriage and claimed 50 million won in damages,” he added.

Previously, on September 18 last year, Jung Da Rae announced his marriage to non-celebrity A. The specific age and profession of A were not revealed. The specific age and profession of Ms. A were not disclosed.

After the announcement, his ex-wife, Mrs. B, reportedly continued to claim online that he and Jung Darae did not pay child support.

As B’s claims spread, A refuted them, saying, “I entered into a sham marriage to protect B when the business became difficult in 2017 and enforcement came in.” “After the divorce, all bank account transactions and real estate were in my ex-wife’s name, and I asked her to return the property, but she did not return the property and insisted on paying child support,” he said.

“After the sham marriage, we lived together until 2021, and the common-law marriage was dissolved in November of that year. As of November 2021, I have to get the child support judgment again.”

Jung Darae has since closed his personal social media accounts as his personal life has become publicized due to the behavior of his husband A and ex-wife B. According to MK Sports, Jung Darae is currently in the first trimester of her pregnancy and needs to stabilize.

스포츠토토 A former national swimmer, Jung won a silver medal in the 200-meter breaststroke at the 2009 Hong Kong East Asian Games and a gold medal in the 200-meter breaststroke at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, and was recognized for her good looks. She competed until 2014, when she announced her retirement due to the after-effects of her injuries.

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