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I already recorded 149 km, but “I need to improve the breaking ball”… KT’s new foreign pitcher’s humility

kt wiz’s new foreign pitcher, Bo Shul-ser (29), has finished the second live pitching of the spring camp.

Schulser threw a total of 30 balls and checked his physical condition at the KT spring camp held at the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona on the 19th (Korean time). He threw 12 four-seam fastballs, six cut fastballs, seven curveballs and five changeups. In his first live pitching, his highest velocity was 144km, but in this pitching, his highest velocity was 149km.

Through the club, Schulser said, “I felt better than when I first pitched. 토토사이트 I will try to improve,” he said.

Then he said, “I am preparing well for the opening, such as restraint and physical condition. I see more improvement in the breaking ball. I will show a good figure.”

In November of last year, KT recruited Bossulser for a total of $740,000. Na-Hyeon Na, general manager of KT, said, “After his professional debut, he has steadily accumulated selection experience without any injuries, and he has shown improvement over the course of the season.

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