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“I must have pulled my eyelashes”…Everton manager mocking Kane

Everton manager Sean Daiichi sarcastically mocked Harry Kane for sending Abdoulaye Ducoure off with exaggerated gestures.

Everton will play a home game against Manchester United in the 2022/23 season Premier League round 30 at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England at 8:30 pm on the 8th (Korean time).

Daichi, who attended the pre-match press conference, mentioned Kane when asked about Ducoure, who was sent off against Tottenham Hotspur last time.

At that time, Kane and Ducoure had an argument, and Ducoure, unable to control his emotions, pushed Kane’s face with his hand. Kane, who was hit in the face, collapsed, and the referee ordered a direct exit.

Afterwards, criticism came that Kane’s actions were exaggerated. British commentator Jamie Carragher said, “I shouldn’t have been knocked down like that. It’s true that Ducoure was wrong, but I wouldn’t have been knocked down like that.”

Even Danny Murphy, who played for Tottenham, criticized, “It’s embarrassing. Ducoure was sent off anyway, so did he have to fall that far?

Daichi also sarcastically criticized Kane’s actions. According to the UK’s The Sun, Daichi commented, “I think Ducoure got his eyelashes ripped off.” 안전놀이터

He sarcastically said, “For a real moment, I thought that Kane’s eyebrows might have been ripped off. If so, it would have been a tragedy.”

He also said, “The judging criteria are strange. There are players who almost broke their ankles, but they don’t get sent off, and some players get sent off even if they just pluck their eyebrows.” Everyone would have laughed at it,” he added.

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