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‘I’m not afraid of 8 billion catchers!’ LG, 3 stolen bases in the first meeting with Yoo Kang-nam… Lotte ‘Yurin’ for two days in a row

First meeting with my parents’ team. There was no effect of ‘8 billion catchers’.

The Lotte Giants lost 2-5 in an exhibition game against the LG Twins held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 19th. With this, excluding the draw against SSG Landers, it is three consecutive losses in exhibition games.

The match, with 6425 spectators, was the first meeting between Yoo Kang-nam and LG. Expectations grew even more as LG shook the Lotte infield by successfully stealing 7 bases (stealer 2) against Lee Jung-hoon and Ji Ji-wan the day before Yoo Kang-nam kept the bench.

Before the game, Lotte coach Larry Sutton looked back, saying, “LG showed active running, but we also caught outcounts with checks. There was even a scene where Barnes tied up runners.” He added, “Other bullpen pitchers haven’t tied up runners as well as Barnes has. The catcher’s throw also needs to be refined in detail.”

Regarding the first confrontation between Yoo Kang-nam and LG, he emphasized, “There is nothing to worry about at all. Kang-nam Yoo is a professional himself. He is a player who prepares well and plays his role no matter who he faces.”

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop was more relaxed. He said, “I didn’t specifically order yesterday, but I’ve been preparing step by step since the camp. The players are actively moving.” , The catcher’s head becomes complicated and the ball formula becomes simple. There are many things to prepare before the game, and I want to show the team color that is difficult to deal with.” 토토사이트

Regarding Yoo Kang-nam, he said, “I don’t run blindly,” but also smiled strangely, saying, “Han Hyun-hee’s slide step is a bit late, but…”.

Stealing bases is not the responsibility of the catcher alone. However, as a result, the confrontation between LG and Kangnam Yoo ended with a complete victory for LG.

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