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Keywords, basic skills and atmosphere of a nurturing expert who returned after 7 years

“I am so happy. I am very happy to be able to wear the Lotte uniform again. I thank the club for giving me another chance”.

When I asked Lotte Giants Futures manager Lee Jong-woon, whom I met at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae on the 4th, how he felt about returning after 7 years, he said this.

Manager Lee Jong-woon, who was a member of Lotte’s winning Korean Series in 1992, is called a representative training expert in Korean baseball. He took the baton of Gyeongnam High School and raised it to the strongest team in the country, and left a distinct result by serving as SK Wyverns rookie team coach and Futures coach. It is natural for Lotte to entrust manager Lee Jong-woon with the leadership of the Futures.

After stepping down from SK Futures coach, he continued his talent donation activities. said.

Director Lee Jong-woon emphasized the importance of communication. He emphasized that building human trust should come first before technical guidance. “I don’t come because I ask the players to approach me comfortably. If I don’t approach them first, I can’t get close to them. Since I joked with them first, I think the players are also opening their hearts.” These are the words of director Lee Jong-woon.

The Lotte Futures team prepared a speech time ahead of training. All players participating in Futures Camp take turns standing in front of their teammates during meetings to make their voices heard.

Coach Lee Jong-woon, who came up with the idea for speech time, said, “Through speech time, you can get to know each other and get closer. If you get used to presenting in front of people, your confidence will improve on the mound or at bat.” It can be a good opportunity to look back.”

As the head coach of the Futures, he emphasized the importance of basic skills and atmosphere. “This is the back, not the front. The basics are the most important. Because everything starts from the basics,” he said. Coach Lee Jong-woon also added, “Technical guidance is the role of a coach, but creating a team atmosphere is my part. Training in a bright atmosphere improves efficiency.”

It is also up to the coach to take care of the players not included in the Guam camp roster. “I’m trying to talk a lot with the players who couldn’t go to the camp. It’s important to make them feel that they care about the players. When an opportunity comes, it is the player’s responsibility to seize it. You have to wait for the right time while preparing hard, not just talking well.”

Bae Seong-keun, who receives an annual salary of 42 million won, decided to donate 10 million won for Futures players with a surprise retirement announcement. Manager Lee Jong-woon expressed his gratitude, “It’s really not easy. 안전놀이터 Who would do that when he quit. He’s not even a high-paid player. That’s how warm Seong-geun’s heart is. He gave a great impression to the team.”

Coach Jong-Woon Lee, a training expert, said, “I think it’s my role and duty to help players here go to the first team and do well. I want to make a good training system from a long-term perspective. The Futures team, which plays a rear role, will work hard to support it.” given and said

Finally, he said, “I’m so happy to wear the Lotte uniform again. People around me like it more. To me, Lotte is my hometown team and the team I dedicated my youth to. My job is the manager, but all the players are Lotte juniors before disciples. They do well. I will do my best to make it possible,” he concluded the interview.

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