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‘Kim Min-jae Man Fashion Red Light’… Manchester United board of directors’ summer transfer budget ‘frozen’, Ten Hag ‘extreme anger’

A ‘red light’ was turned on for Kim Min-jae (Napoli)’s transfer to Manchester United.

Local media raised the possibility that Kim Min-jae, who led Napoli to victory this season, might transfer after the season, and cited Manchester United as the most likely team. It is Kim Min-jae, who has been mentioned for a long time as a replacement for Harry Maguire. Local media predicted that the transfer could take place as long as Kim Min-jae agreed.

However, regardless of Kim Min-jae’s will, a foggy fog hung over the transfer to Manchester United. The reason is the decision of the United Board of Directors. Manchester United are currently in the process of selling, but nothing is definite yet. As a result, United’s board of directors put all plans on hold until a final decision was made. At its core, it was reported that the budget for the transfer market for the coming summer was ‘frozen’. 토토사이트

The UK’s ‘Mirror’ said, “Man Utd’s board of directors froze the summer transfer budget. As the club’s sale negotiations continued to fluctuate, Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag was notified of a summer transfer budget freeze. He is extremely angry,” he said.

The media continued, “There is still a continuation of confusion about the size of Manchester United’s summer transfer, and how much money Ten Hag may be able to spend for a summer transfer. Accordingly, manager Ten Hag is trying to resolve the uncertainty caused by the sale process. “We are discussing this with Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold.”

But CEO Arnold also has no answer. The media claimed, “Arnold is also very worried. He is in a situation where he cannot say anything until a new club owner appears and establishes a management environment.”

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