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Time for us to shine.

‘Korea University Park Moo-bin, Yonsei University Organic Award’ who went to practice as a teacher

Yonsei University Yugi-sang (21, 189 cm) and Korea University Park Moo-bin (21, 187 cm) live in a ‘busy, busy modern society’.

If you are a 4th grader at the College of Education, there are steps you must go through. It is a compulsory course ‘Education Practice’ that is generally conducted in the 4th grade. After completing this course, you can obtain a teacher’s license and graduate. It is a process that even athletes cannot avoid.

For high school students who study fiercely for the CSAT, the appearance of a teacher is like a big gift. You can become an object of envy and create dreams and good memories for students. Popularity usually follows.

Yoo Ki-sang, the captain of Yonsei University, and Moo-bin Park, the captain of Korea University, who belong to the Department of Physical Education, are going to practice teaching at their alma mater to complete teaching positions. It is true that there is a physical burden because the college league is in full swing. Furthermore, both of them were on the list of the Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament more than 100 times, and they are spending days without eyes open, attending training every weekend until last week.

Park Moo-bin, who is attending an education practice at Hongdae High School on the 1st, said, “It is difficult to wake up at 6:30, and it is difficult to adapt because it is the first experience in my life. On weekends, I train more than 100 times. But I think he can become a better player only if he overcomes this part as well. He is also seeking advice from the coaching staff and seniors,” he said.

Yugi-sang, who is attending an educational practice at Yongsan High School on the 2nd, said, “I went to teacher practice from the 1st, but it was a test, so there was nothing to do. From the 3rd, I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning because I have to teach school gates (laughs). 크크크벳 Still, I want to do well with a meaningful heart because I am going to my alma mater. It’s a precious experience, so I don’t intend to make any excuses for this, and I plan to do well in the game at the end of May by taking good care of my body.”

On the other hand, Yonsei University and Korea University, which are said to be the best rivals in college, should forget about rivalry for a while and become the same side. For the first time, I will wear the same color uniform and go to the game. They will also work together at the Summer Universiade held in Chengdu, China in July.

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