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Time for us to shine.

Korean players embroidered on the North American stage on a spring day

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2023 Spring ended with Cloud 9 (C9) winning. This LCS, which was fierce until the end, with three tie-breakers held on the last day of the regular league, was a season in which the Korean players who performed very well in each team stood out.

First of all, long distance dealer Min-cheol “Berserker” Kim and mid laner Min-soo “Emenes” Jang played an active part in C9, which took the top spot in North America for the second time in a row following last year’s Summer Split. Kim Min-chul, who made his debut on the first team stage last year and showed good performance and stepped on the World Championship (World Championship) stage, showed further development this year. In addition to winning the regular league MVP award and being named to the All-Pro First Team, he also played in the playoffs and successfully advanced to the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) for the first time in his career.

Just as Kim Min-cheol showed good form with his first-team debut last year, Jang Min-soo was like that this season. Jang Min-soo, who appeared in earnest on the stage of the first team in the major regions this season, played a constant role in the team by 카지노 playing a steady role from the regular league. And he continued his performance in the playoffs, and in the final, he showed off his unstoppable performance against All Pro First Team midfielder Kim “Gori” Tae-woo and helped the team win the championship.

Tae-woo Kim, Dong-woo “River” Kim, and Jae-hyeon “Whoo” Choi played a big role in the Golden Guardians, who competed against Min-cheol Kim and Min-su Jang’s C9 in the finals. In particular, Kim Tae-woo’s performance was dazzling. The Golden Guardians’ early season was uneasy. After starting the season with a losing streak and falling to the bottom of the table, a rebound seemed difficult. However, when the visa issue was resolved and Kim Tae-woo joined the team, a miraculous rebound began.

The Golden Guardians, which quickly improved their ranks and entered the playoffs, rode the last train of the playoffs by adding Kim Dong-woo, who showed good teamwork with Kim Tae-woo, and veteran Choi Jae-hyun’s seasoned performance. In the playoffs, they showed even better team harmony, advancing to the finals with the rebellion of the underdog, and achieving the precious achievement of runner-up, achieving the splendid feat of advancing to MSI.

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