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Lee Song-ha, Yoo Soo-young, and Park Si-yoon become combined Black Combat-Deep champions…Black Combat defeats Deep 5-2

South Korea’s Black Combat has defeated Japan’s DEEP again.

The Korean team won 5-2 in a 7-on-7 match at Black Combat 8: The Last Samurai (DEEP 115) at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, on Nov. 18.

He also won the unified title bout. Song Ha Lee defeated Juri Ohara with a Slojevic stretch submission, Sooyoung Yoo defeated Kouchi Ishizuka with a ground-and-pound TKO, and Siyoon Park defeated Saori Oshima with a decision to remain on top of Black Combat and on top of DEEP.

The three champions will now defend their titles in both Black Combat and Deep.

The main event was also dominant. Myung-Jun Lee defeated Ryo Sakai with a mount and an armbar to end the match.

It was his second fight with DIG. In February, Black Combat brought Deep to South Korea for a five-on-five showdown.

The result was a thrilling 3-2 upset. After going down 0-2 with Hong Yerin losing to Oshima Saori and Yoon Da-won losing to Ohara Juri, Kim Jong-hoon defeated Yamamoto Seigo, Kim Min-woo defeated Nakamura Daisuke, and Choi Won-joon defeated Akazawa Yukinori.

The combined score of the two bouts was 8-2. Black Combat made things happen in Japan.

[Unlimited] “Big Guy” Hoo-Joon Lee vs Ryo “Raging Bull” Sakai

Ryo Sakai scored a takedown right away. He showed off his wrestling skills. Once in mount, he secured an armbar and forced Ryo Sakai to tap. It was a dominant submission victory at 2:41 of the first round.

[Lightweight Title Fight] “Pierrot” Lee Song Ha vs. “Iron Spider” Ohara Juri

Lee kept O’Hara at a distance from the start. Changing stances, he closed the distance and clinched for a takedown. Good control on the ground. Looks for a rear-naked choke, but O’Hara doesn’t give up the position. The first round was paced by Piero Isongha.

Round 2 Isonga grabbed a southpaw and countered O’Hara’s infighting with outfighting, then scored another takedown. From there, he extended his knee, grabbed O’Hara’s leg as he tried to get up, and locked in a modified kneebar. Aka the Suloev Stretch. O’Hara’s face contorted in pain and he tapped. Submission win at 2:38. It was the moment when Lee became a deep lightweight champion after Black Combat.

[Bantamweight Title Fight] Yoo Soo “Judo” Yoo vs. Kouchi “Domestic Prince” Ishizuka

Yoo kept her distance, then closed the distance momentarily to score a one-leg takedown. In typical YUSUJITSU fashion, she pinned Ishizuka to the ground and unleashed a barrage of ground and pound. He then took the back position. The ground and pound continued. Ishizuka tried to hold on, but it wasn’t enough. The referee ended the fight. TKO victory by TKO at 4:28 of round 1.

Yoo is a former Zeus FC, Naija FC, and Black Combat champion. With this win, she became the unified Black Combat bantamweight and Japanese organization deep bantamweight champion.

[Atomweight Title Fight] Siyoon “Twin Knives” Park vs. Saori “Little Giant” Oshima

Park said before the fight that he would use his wrestling to defeat Oshima, who came from a judo background. However, that was a smokescreen. Because of his long reach, the idea was to make it a striking match rather than a grappling one.

Park kept switching stances, using calf kicks and jabs to make Oshima flinch. When Oshima lunged for the clinch, he avoided it altogether. Oshima dropped to self-guard and tried to grab an armbar, but Park slipped out.

Round 2, Oshima was urgent. He was frustrated by Park’s calf kicks and the lack of distance. He was frustrated that when he tried to engage him, he would get hit with a punch and a kick and then slip back.

In the third round, Park continued his cold out-fighting. Oshima put a lower body armbar on him after a takedown, but he stayed calm, kept his knee out, and spent time in top position.

In the end, it was a 3-0 decision for Park, who landed a lot of strikes and didn’t get caught up in the ground game. Afterward, he celebrated with Dee’s championship belt.

[Middleweight] Junseo “Yacha” Choi vs Shingo “Thunderbird” Suzuki

Jun Seo Choi was a master of the straight. He stabbed a sharp spear into the shorter Suzuki’s face. Suzuki countered a left jab with a left jab to avoid being pushed back. He swung an uppercut and a hook from close range.

Choi’s push here was good, as he pushed Suzuki up against the cage fence as he tried to fight at close range, then landed a straight right hand. Followed by a flurry of right and left hands. Suzuki is down. Choi scored a first round TKO victory. “Yacha, yacha” chants from the Korean fans echoed through Korakuen Hall.

Seung Min “Kwangnam” Shin vs Jin “Blue Devil” Aoi

Shin Seung-min took the center of the cage and pressured Aoi. He was ready to take the fight to the ground, but Aoi responded to Shin’s attacks by slipping out of the way. The decisive blow in the first round was a surprise flying knee from Aoi. A knee strike sent Shin down and left him bleeding from the eyebrow.

In the second round, Aoi’s kicks were just as tricky. He used a mix of low, medium, and high kicks to stop Shin’s advance. He has good eyes and quick reactions, so if Shin Seung-min threw a front kick, he would slip out of the way and land a counter punch. When Shin shifted into forward gear, he tackled and clinched. It was a cold start to the second round. 먹튀검증

In the third round, Shin needed a finish. He had no choice but to rush in like a moth to a flame, but a counter punch from Aoi dropped him. A series of body kicks followed. Shin lost by TKO at 2:37 of the third round.

[Flyweight] “Viper” Kim Sung Woong vs “Tank” Komakine Takahiro

Kim Sung Woong allowed Komakine to get a takedown in the clinch and was taken to the ground, but he reversed his position on the ground and ended up on top of Komakine. He tried to take the fight to the ground here with some ground and pound, but was met with strikes. Giving up an armbar grip to Komakine. He tries to hold on, but eventually taps. Lost by submission at 3:16 of the first round.

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