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‘Looking for a team in earnest’ Shim Jun-seok, which club will lead ML?

The future of Shim Jun-seok (to graduate from Deoksu High School), who announced his entry into the major leagues, is expected to be decided sooner or later.

Deoksu High School head coach Jeong Yun-jin said in a phone call with this magazine, “It’s January, so I think I’ll hear the news of a contract. There’s no news from the school yet, but it seems like we’re trying to decide whether to sign a contract in many ways.” It was indirectly revealed that many clubs are struggling with the decision of Jun-seok’s team.

Shim Jun-seok, who threw a fast ball at 157 km/h since his freshman year and was called a fantastic 160 km duo with his senior Jang Jae-young (Kiwoom), said, “Even if I go to the pro right now, I think I will win 5 wins.” However, it came as a pity that the number of samples that could be evaluated was small as the grade level went by and the lack of improvement in terms of discipline and the lack of frequent appearances due to injuries. As one scout pointed out, 토토사이트 “If you don’t make it to the major leagues, that’s going to be a minus.”

So, when the national competition was in full swing, I asked a common question to the scouting teams of 10 clubs. “What do you think about Shim Jun-seok?” Curiously, all of them had a common answer. “It’s true that he’s a good player, but we’re not interested. Why? Because there’s no chance he’ll come down to us.” In a way, it was also a kind of smoke screen operation.

If so, he also asked what he would do if Shim Jun-seok came out in the draft and was pushed to his turn. Again, everyone acknowledged that his physical condition, restraint, and future potential were great, saying, “If that’s the case, you should definitely pick him.”

In the meantime, among those who entered the KBO league, there were cases where fastball pitchers retired without being able to bloom properly. It is worth watching to see if Shim Jun-seok can overcome the failures of his seniors and stand on the mound in the major leagues.

For international amateur contracts, all budgets will be set again starting on the 15th.

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