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Manchester United were not ‘sure’ when signing Anthony

I paid a huge transfer fee, but I wasn’t sure.

He was the main character of the transfer market last summer. A young Brazilian player born in 2000 entered Old Trafford generating an astronomical amount of 95 million euros (approximately 127.3 billion won). He had a lot of potential and stood out at Ajax, but the fans were outraged for investing this amount in a striker who needed proof.

But what has already happened. Fans hoped Anthony would lead the team’s offense. The initial momentum was great. Starting in the 6th round against Arsenal, he scored the opening goal in the 35th minute after receiving a pass from Marcus Rashford. It was his debut goal on his debut. Thanks to Anthony’s goal, United beat Arsenal 3-1. This is Arsenal’s only league loss to date.

After that, the good flow continued. He scored consecutive goals against Manchester City and Everton, emerging as the hope of Manchester United’s attack. The Brazilian’s unique individual skills and powerful left foot kick made his presence known in every game. But after that, it fell into a slump. So far, he has played in 16 matches, including the cup, but only scored 5 goals. He did not record a single offensive point in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL). The dribble pattern seemed to have been figured out to some extent, and there were also physical limitations.

In this situation, quite surprising news was delivered. Even Manchester United had no confidence in Anthony. British media ‘Mirror’ reported, “Man United executives admitted that they invested in possibility rather than certainty when signing Anthony last summer.” In other words, it means that the decision was made based on the influence it will have on the club in the future rather than the present.

It is a rather risky investment. Even if you show the best skills, it is common for you to not be able to pay for it due to the burden of the transfer fee. 카지노사이트 Just look at Jack Grealish or Eden Azar. Even more so, investing in the possibility in a situation where you don’t know when, how, and how much potential will explode is no different from doing a ‘panic buy’.

Although it is premature, the efficiency compared to the investment amount so far is not great. However, manager Eric Ten Hag showed confidence in Anthony’s growth potential and urged him to exert himself at the same time. “He has to develop further as a youngster. He has to have the will to improve himself. We expect more from him. There is still a lot of room for improvement in him. Coming to the Premier League, Anthony has to face the challenge,” he said. “he said.

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