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MLB’s top ace, led by WS, stopped discussing extension contracts “See you after the season”

One-two puncher Aaron Nola (30) of the Philadelphia Phillies stopped discussing a contract extension with his team, the Philadelphia Phillies. reported on the 26th (Korean time), “Dave Dombrowski, president of Philadelphia’s baseball operations, said that negotiations with Nola for an extension were suspended.”

Nola is the pitcher who recorded the highest win contribution vs. replacement (WAR) in the major leagues (MLB) last year. He beat Carlos Rodon (6.2) with a 6.3 (according to fan graphs), higher than Cy Young Award winners Justin Verlander (6.1) or Sandy Alcantara (5.7). A franchise star in Philadelphia, he finished fourth in the National League Cy Young Award voting last year and previously ranked third in the Cy Young Award voting in 2018. 카지노

He also led the team’s good performance. Nola pitched in Game 2 of the Wild Card Series and Game 3 of the Division Series in Philadelphia, which entered the postseason as a wild card in the National League last year, recording 6 and 2/3 scoreless innings and 6 scoreless innings, respectively, leading them to advance to the Championship Series. He was one of the vanguards who allowed the team to rise after beating strong teams in a row, although it was sluggish in the subsequent Championship Series and World Series.

Philadelphia, which is challenging for the presidency once again, needs more Nola. Nola will play for the team for $16 million this season as a team option on an extension contract signed in the past. He would have had to sign a worthy extension to keep him in Philadelphia next year, but the pre-season deal failed.

“I’m trying not to let anything affect me,” Nola said, pledging that his pitching wouldn’t be disrupted during the season by not signing a contract. “I’m going to focus on finishing my game and running my pitches. That’s all I’m going to do,” he said. “My main concern is that I want to have the best year I can for my teammates and this team.” .

Regarding the contract, he said, “Me and the team wanted the extension to be completed. We worked hard to make sure it was done. It doesn’t mean that the negotiations are over. We will talk about it at the end of the season.” It means that he is sure of his intention to remain, and that he will focus only on games during the season and discuss the contract later.

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