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“My brother is the victim of the devil’s conspiracy”… Man pleading ‘not guilty’ of sexual assault

Shocking news has been delivered. Dani Alves, one of the world’s greatest soccer stars, has been arrested on sexual assault charges.

Alves is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s at a Barcelona club on December 31 last year. The victim filed a complaint, and Alves was immediately taken into custody, even though she denied the charges. Alves was also released from his team Pumas.

In this situation, Alves’ older brother, Ney Alves, vigorously defended his brother’s innocence. He appeared on a Spanish TV show and claimed, 토토사이트 “My brother is the victim of the devil’s conspiracy.”

He continued, “My brother has the best career in the world. Getting into this kind of predicament is sinking his career. He is in a trap. Our family will not give up. We will do everything possible to get him out of the devil’s machinations. I will do it,” he promised.

Alves’s family also expressed their determination, saying, “We will give our lives if necessary to rescue Alves from hell.”

Meanwhile, local media such as Spain’s ‘Marca’ reported that Alves had hired a lawyer from Barcelona’s top law firm to claim his innocence. It also predicted that if Alves is found guilty of sexual assault, he could face a minimum of four years and a maximum of 12 years in prison.

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