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Napoli set a ‘crazy amount’ for the ransom of the ace… “Not more than 100 million euros”

“100 million euros (approximately 135 billion won)? There’s no way.”

100 million euros is not enough. Napoli set a ransom of 130 million euros (approximately 175.5 billion won) for ‘ace’ Victor Osimen (25), who is receiving a lot of attention.

‘Area Napoli’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time), “Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain are targeting Napoli striker Osimen. But 100 million euros is not enough.”

Osimen has been showing off his explosive scoring ability this season. He is the top scorer in Serie A with 14 goals in 16 league matches. The number of goals scored in 27 league games last season has already caught up.

Manchester United and PSG, who are looking for a front-line striker, are aiming for Osimen. ‘ESPN’ has revealed that a number of top clubs, including both teams, will send offers to Napoli to snatch him this summer. 

According to Area Napoli, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis is also willing to sit down at the negotiating table. Only when he offers ‘insane amounts’. 카지노

“Man United and PSG could offer 100 million euros, but according to rumors, the Napoli board is convinced that that is not enough to buy Osimen,” the media said. We will let him go only in the future. We need an offer close to 130 million euros.”

It seems like an outrageous amount, but considering the recent overheated transfer market, it might be possible. Chelsea alone spent more than 100 million euros twice in the transfer market this winter alone. Chelsea recently spent 100 million euros for the ransom of Mikhailo Mudrik, and they spent 121 million euros (about 163 billion won) for Enso Fernandes, setting a new record for the highest transfer fee ever in the Premier League.

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