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‘Once again a leading official’ Unveils fresh official with Rubik’s Hand in Ulsan

Ulsan Hyundai, together with IKEA Dongbusan, released the most Swedish-like official (joining) photos and videos.

Starting with Joo Min-gyu’s Ulsan Coast Guard shipboard official in early January, Ulsan distributed attractive official once again, providing fresh enjoyment to off-season fans.

Ulsan and home furnishing retailer IKEA harmoniously blended ‘blue and yellow’, the representative colors of each company’s emblem and logo, 헤라카지노 into the pictorial through the arrangement of props and location selection. In addition, Ulsan added a symbolic fun element by planning the shooting so that the viewer can associate Rubik’s Hand and Sweden, the root of IKEA, through the colors and devices in the pictorial.

Ulsan has been receiving favorable reviews from fans and officials over the past few years as if they were playing hide-and-seek, choosing a place that exceeds everyone’s expectations and giving meaning to the recruitment. However, unlike before, this filming was conducted in a place other than Ulsan’s parent company or local attractions or institutions, drawing more attention and curiosity.

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