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‘Park Hang-seo’s protégé’ Van Toan leaves Seoul E-Land, returns to Vietnam… K리그 정착 실패

Seoul E-Land has parted ways with Vietnam international striker Nguyen Van Thoane.

A source from the soccer world told ‘Footballist’ on the 2nd, “Vantoan will leave the K League and return to the Vietnam League. He will leave South Korea within this week.”

Also known as the protégé of former Vietnam national team coach Park Hang-seo, Banteoan made his debut in the K League this season. He joined Seoul Eland as a free agent after his contract with Vietnamese powerhouse Hoang An Giay expired. He set a new record as the first Southeast Asian player in the club’s history. The striker is known for his ability to penetrate the backline and dribble with his quick feet.

However, after half a year in Korea, he will return to Vietnam. Bantuan played a total of nine games and 436 minutes in the K League 2 this season, failing to record any offensive points. He started the opening match against Chungbuk Cheongju, but has only played as a substitute since then. Since June, he’s been off the roster and effectively out of action.

His return to Vietnam came sooner than expected. The Vietnamese league starts its new season in September, and Bantuan will be joining a new team. There was a possibility that he would leave Seoul Island after the 2023 season when his contract expires, but the change in the Vietnamese league’s schedule has accelerated his return.

Criticism of the signing as a marketing move is inevitable. Seoul E-Land held one “Vietnam Day” with Vanoan in May, but it was not fully utilized. Used mainly as a substitute, Vanoan was unable to make a difference in the game. With one more Vietnam Day scheduled for September, his departure increased the likelihood that it would be canceled.

In the end, Vanoan was another example of Seoul E-Land’s management failures. Seoul E-Land continues to make noise every season. As one of the few corporate clubs in the K League 2, the team has spent a lot of money, but its directionless management has continued to stumble. Bantoan’s salary is also reportedly high compared to other domestic players in the K League 2.토토사이트

This failure is directly related to their performance. Seoul E-Land is currently in 11th place this season with only seven wins, five draws, and 10 losses (26 points). After finishing seventh in the 2020 season in K-League 2, the team started fresh with Park at the helm, but not much has changed.

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