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Pitch Clark’s ‘player vs referee’ fight → dismissal for blasphemy?

‘The catcher was ejected because he didn’t catch the ball given by the umpire?’ The main character is JT Realmuto (32, Philadelphia Phillies), the best current catcher.

On the 28th (Korean time), Philadelphia held a 2023 exhibition game against the Toronto Blue Jays at TD Ball Park in Dunedin, Florida, USA.

On this day, Realmuto started as Philadelphia’s number 3 catcher. Realmuto’s exit came in the fourth inning when Craig Kimbrel and Danny Jansen faced off.

According to the video released by various media outlets in the United States, Realmuto held out catcher Mittman to the referee while looking at the mound to ask for a new ball from referee Randy Rosenberg.

At that time, when referee Rosenberg tried to give him a new ball, Realmuto immediately lowered the catcher’s mitt. The ball hit the ground and referee Rosenberg immediately ordered an ejection.

In response, Realmuto responded with absurdity, and Philadelphia coach Rob Thompson came out of the dugout and protested. However, there was no reversal of the expulsion action. 바카라

In the end, Philadelphia hurriedly replaced the catcher with Max McDowell instead of Realmuto, who was ejected, and struck out Jansen.

If you simply look at this situation, it can be interpreted that Real Muto offended the referee and issued an exit order. But it was something to do with Pitch Clock.

Realmuto continued to protest with a pitch clock gun, and it seems that he did not receive the ball on purpose to delay the time. The referee gave the order to leave.

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