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Possibility of excluding ‘two-game losing challenge’ France, boring in the final… who is the substitute?

France, which has only one win left in its two consecutive World Cup defeats, can catch Argentina off guard with tactical changes.

France will play the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup final against Argentina at Lusail Stadium in Doha, Qatar at midnight on the 19th (Korean time). If they win this final, they will remain as a team that has won three championships in their career and two consecutive World Cup victories following Italy and Brazil.

France’s chances of winning are still high. Despite the injury after injury, he made up for it with a thick squad, showing off as a strong championship candidate.

France’s tactics were in the form of Olivier Giroud one-top, Kylian Mbappe, Marcus Thuram, Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele in the second line.

On the 17th (local time), the British media ‘The Sun’ quoted a report from the French media ‘L’Equipe’ and said, “There is 스포츠토토 a high possibility that France will remove Giroud from the selection in the final.” Giroud was cited as the reason for being substituted in the 20th minute of the second half due to poor performance against Morocco in the semifinals.

If France subtracts Giroud, the choice is likely to be zero-top centered on Mbappe. Thuram, Griezmann, and Dembele’s skill and speed will try to catch Argentina off guard.

However, as the Argentine defense was pushed back in the opponent’s aerial competition in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands, the boredom card cannot be easily discarded. The choice of director Didier Deschamps is noteworthy.