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Referee who took out a ‘white card’ instead of red-yellow in a soccer game → “What is it?” fans bewildered

“What is a white card?”

The spectators who came to watch the game and the viewers who watched the television broadcast were also puzzled. This is because the referee took out a white card during a soccer game. In soccer, I have seen red cards that mean expulsion and yellow cards that give warnings, but I have never heard of a white card.

The first match in which the referee took out a white card was the Portuguese Women’s Cup. Sporting Lisbon vs Benfica match.

This was the first white card in football history. The situation was this. In the 44th minute, with Benfica leading 3-0, there was a fan with a physical problem in the stands near the bench.

Seeing this, the medical staff of both teams hurriedly rushed to the stands to provide first aid. Of course, the game was stopped.

After the emergency situation was over, the referee gave a white card to the medical staff of both teams.

What on earth does the white card mean? It was not a card to give a warning or sending off, but a card to mean praise.

This is not the referee’s mistake. This is the first white card rule introduced by the Portuguese Football Association.

A white card is given to the team that performed fair play. It is part of a new system that expresses respect for the club. It is said that it was introduced to improve the ethical values ​​of sports.온라인카지노

Britain’s The Sun evaluated ‘it is not yet commonly used, but it is meaningful in that it is an aspect to protect the safety and entertainment of football’.

Fans, unaware of the new rules, explained the meaning of each white card. One fan wrote, ‘Because the referee is French?’ The front was yellow, but the referee made a mistake and showed white.

Some fans asked if a white card was really necessary. ‘So white cards are practically useless. It’s such a waste of time’ or ‘What do you get out of it? Some fans wrote, “Basically, it seems strange to have a compliment card.”

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