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‘Ryu’ Yoo reveals how he broke his six-game losing streak

Live Sandbox head coach Yoo “Ryu” Sang-wook found the key to breaking the losing streak in regaining confidence.

Live Sandbox defeated the Guangdong Freaks 2-0 in the second round of the League of Legends Champions Korea Summer 2023 at the Grand Seoul LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on 15 May.

Speaking after the game, head coach Yoo “Sang-wook” Yoo said, “It feels good to break the losing streak. It was a satisfying game in terms of in-game content and banter. We needed a win and confidence. I’m happy that we got both of those things today.”

“We practised with the best possible picks to gain confidence from the scrimmage,” Yoo said, “and we also had some serious talks with each other to try and reduce the mental pressure.”

Indeed, in the match, Reeve Sandbox was seen taking confident picks even if they were slightly lower in tier, such as giving Goku to Kim “Willer” Jung-hyun and Akali to Lee “Closer” Joo-hyun. The ban picks were also part of a strategy to maintain confidence. “We tried to make our players feel comfortable in the tournament, so we played a lot of our favourite picks,” said Yoo, explaining the reasoning behind the ban.

This was also due to the ease of reading the opponent’s banpic. “I was comfortable when I was preparing for the banpick,” Yoo explained, “because the other team had played a similar ban with a similar composition, so it was easy to set up the composition. “In the case of Tristana-Leblanc, Tristana has a 60 per cent advantage, but whoever plays well can win, so we were confident that the ‘closer’ would win,” he said of the first set. 토토사이트순위

The victory was highlighted by the performance of Song “Clear” Hyun-min, who shut down Guangdong Freaks’ ace top laner Dudu “Dudu” Lee Dong-joo. “His line-up is stable and he has the advantage of making confident calls like a player who has been playing the LCK for a long time,” said coach Yoo Sang-wook about the substitute. “When we first started him, we had a short period of time together. We were confident that we would do better if we prepared for a longer period of time.”

Reeve Sandbox, which snapped a six-game losing streak, joined the three-win club and moved to within one point of the sixth playoff spot. Coach Yoo Sang-wook said, “We felt confident after breaking the losing streak. I think we can win the rest of the matches, and I’d appreciate it if you could stay tuned to the end,” he concluded.

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