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Shock: Former EPL head accused of sexually assaulting teenage woman who came for job interview

An unnamed former English Premier League (EPL) team manager is under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl. The man is a household name, and the only thing that has been released about him is that he is no longer working for an EPL club. 메이저사이트

“An EPL chief executive has been investigated by police for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl who applied for a job,” British media outlet The Sun reported on Nov. 19 (ET). According to the outlet, the Metropolitan Police have launched an investigation into the sexual assault, which occurred several years ago, and the EPL head, who has been named as a suspect, voluntarily appeared before police on Monday with his defense attorney and was questioned in custody. Police are conducting further investigations to determine whether charges will be filed.

In an official statement, the Metropolitan Police said: ‘In September 2021, the Metropolitan Police received a crime report of an alleged historic sexual assault and on the 12th of this month, a man was interviewed at a police station. The identity of the accused man was not disclosed. He staunchly denied the allegations during the police investigation.

An inside source said, “The accused is very shocked by the allegations of sexual assault and is in total denial. The accused met the woman when she applied for a job at the EPL club where he worked in the past,” the source said, emphasizing that the man is no longer with the EPL club where the alleged incident occurred. The woman was reportedly a teenager when the incident occurred, but is now an adult in her 20s.

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