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Time for us to shine.

“Stop running,” LG fans shouted… Must be a runner + stealing failure + checker, 1G the most dishonorable

I guess I should have listened to the voice of the fans saying, ‘Stop running’ on this day.

The unstoppable ‘running baseball’ of the LG Twins left the worst record this season in the match against Jamsil KIA on the 28th, and returned with a come-from-behind defeat boomerang.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is re-imagining stealing and bold base running in LG team colors according to the quick motion of the opposing team’s battery. Among the 10 clubs, it ranks first in both good and bad when it comes to baserunning, including most stolen base attempts, most stolen bases, most stolen bases failed, most runners, and most checkers. 

In the KIA game on the 28th, LG recorded a total of 5 runs (2), checkers (2), and failed steals (1). It means that he dedicated 5 out counts. This is the record for the most in one game for LG this season. In the match against KT in Suwon on the 2nd, he recorded 4 steals (1), runners (2), and checkers (1). In the match against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 21st, he recorded 4 bases, including 2 runners and 2 stolen bases.

The attempt to pressure the opponent was good, but it became an outcount to self-destruct on this day. 

LG took a chance with a safe full base against KIA starter Yang Hyeon-jong in the second inning, behind 0-2. 2 outs on a strikeout and catcher foul fly. Park Hae-min tied the game with two RBIs and a right-handed hit at the bases loaded with two outs. Watching the home throw, Park Hae-min aimed for second base. 메이저놀이터

However, the KIA infield team cut and drove Park Hae-min into a narrow-armed slaughter. At this time, Moon Bo-kyung, who was the runner on first base, went around third base and dug home. Second baseman Kim Seon-bin, who was trying to kill Park Hae-min, sent home, and Moon Bo-kyung was tagged out. Aggressively aimed for home, but it was Juusa. 

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