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‘Super Sonic’ Lee Dae-hyung’s official commentary debut “Candidate for the championship? Although the main catcher has changed…”

Lee Dae-hyung, who was active as a crew member for SPOTV’s ‘Sports Time Baseball (hereinafter referred to as Stambe)’, expands the scope of his activities as a SPOTV baseball commentator.

On the 6th, SPOTV announced that Lee Dae-hyeong will start the season as a new commentator. Commissioner Lee Dae-hyung appeared as a special commentary twice last year and received favorable reviews from baseball fans for his clear commentary and extraordinary suit fit.

Lee Dae-hyung, who became an official commentator, said, “I was surprised that it became a hot topic more than I thought, and I gained confidence in the positive feedback.” After retiring, I distanced myself from baseball, but when I came into contact with it again through commentary, I was greedy and wanted to do it properly.”

As a commentator, what does Lee Dae-hyung pay most attention to? Commissioner Lee Dae-hyeong replied, “It is not biased to either side.” “There is a team I came from, but if it is biased to one side, it will be uncomfortable for fans of other teams. I heard that some fans sometimes set it to mute and watch it, so you should be careful about that part,” he replied with a smile. 토토사이트

As the opening of the 2023 season approaches, various predictions are coming out about the KBO game this year. When asked about the KBO this season, Commissioner Lee Dae-hyung pondered for a while and replied, “The KBO this season is the most difficult.” And he gave the reason, “It will be difficult to predict that a particular team will win because most of them will be similar this year.” At the same time, he picked the LG Twins out of the 10 clubs and emphasized that “the main catcher has changed, so there are elements of anxiety, but it is the team with the most stable power.”

Over the past year, Lee Dae-hyung has appeared in various entertainment shows and solidified his position as an entertainer. Commissioner Lee Dae-hyung said, “He had a lot of young fans when he was a player, but now it seems that the age group has increased,” and he said he felt the widening awareness.

Meanwhile, SPOTV’s baseball commentators this season will consist of 6 members, including members Yang Sang-moon and Min Hoon-ki, and the new faces of the remaining 3 members following Lee Dae-hyung will be revealed later.

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