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Taegeuk Mark Dan Kim Yeon-kyung, with the title of ‘Advisor’, returns to the women’s national team preparing for VNL

The women’s volleyball team entered Jincheon National Training Center on the 24th, preparing for the 2023 International Volleyball Federation Volleyball Nations League (VNL) next month. ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), who returned the Taegeuk mark, drew attention by entering her village again with the title of ‘Advisor (advisor)’.

Kim Yeon-kyung said through the Korea Volleyball Association, “Since she came to Jincheon, her excitement was really felt and I was happy to see her players. She is happy to be playing with the Taegeuk mark after a long time,” she said. In her national team, Kim Yeon-kyung passes on her rich national team experience as well as a channel of communication between foreign staff and players, including coach Cesar Hernandez of the women’s volleyball team.

Her first training was led by KBSN sports commentator Han Yoo-mi, who started her coaching career as a national team coach. Coach Hernandez will join the Jincheon Athletes’ Village after finishing her schedule with her team, Turkiye Vakif Banque. Kim Yeon-kyung will also be training with her national team in Turkey next month.

The national team is struggling in the process of changing generations in the ‘post-Kim Yeon-kyung era’. In last year’s VNL, it was the first time since the launch of the tournament that it left a shabby record of all losses and draws. 안전놀이터

This year is important for Korean women’s volleyball. In order to advance to the Paris Olympics, you need to raise your ranking as much as possible, but starting with the VNL, there are no games to easily see, starting with the Paris Olympics world qualifiers in September and the Hangzhou Asian Games at the end of September. The first competition, VNL, will be held for three weeks from the 30th of next month to July 2nd in Antalya, Turkey, Brasilia, Brazil, Suwon, Korea, Nagoya, Japan, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Park Jung-ah, who was in charge of the national team captain, said, “There are many important matches, so I will prepare hard and bring good results. I will show you my progress every day, so I hope you will support me a lot.”

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