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“The loss to Monza showed how vulnerable we are without Kim Min-jae… Naples is dangerous” 伊 Journalist pointed out

As the possibility of Napoli losing ‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27) in one season is increasing, it is pointed out that the weak defense needs to be strengthened.

Napoli lost 0-2 in the 35th round of the 2022-2023 Italian Serie A against Monza on the 14th (Korean time). The result of the match was not very important because Napoli had already confirmed the championship against Udinese on the 5th.

However, attention was focused on the fact that it was a Napoli match in which Kim Min-jae, who was increasingly likely to break up with Napoli this summer, did not participate. Coach Luciano Spalletti put Joao Jesus in place of Kim Min-jae that day to work with Amir Rahmani.

Napoli was exposed to crisis several times in defense that day. His opponent’s quick counterattack was momentarily punctured as he failed to block it. He floundered and conceded in the 18th minute in the first half and in the 9th minute in the second half. These were scenes that could have been different if Minjae Kim had been there.

Antonio Corvo, a reporter for Italy’s ‘La Repubblica’, insisted in an editorial on the 15th, “The defeat of the previous day looked like a natural and clear defeat on the surface. However, it was a game in which several important problems were revealed.”

Corvo emphasized, “If there was no Kim Min-jae and there was Jesus, I could see how vulnerable the Napoli defense would be.”

Kim Min-jae is likely to part ways with Napoli this summer. This is because if the buyout (transfer permission) clause is triggered between July 1 and 15, Napoli will not be able to prevent Kim Min-jae from transferring.

Local media in Europe are predicting that Kim Min-jae will head to the English stage. Manchester United (Man United) are trying to finish the negotiations quickly before the competition comes with the offer of three times the salary. In addition, Manchester City (Man City), Liverpool, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and Bayern Munich are aiming for Kim Min-jae. 안전놀이터

Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport also said on the same day, “Looking at Napoli’s defense yesterday, I felt the absence of a leader like Kim Min-jae.” did. “Replacing Kim Min-jae will be one of the most complicated choices for Napoli,” he warned.

Napoli is looking for a replacement for Kim Min-jae. Giorgio Scalvini (Atalanta), Konstantinos Mavropanos, Ito Hiroki (Stuttgart), Itakura Go (Borussia Monchengladbach), and Kevan Danzo (RC Lens) were nominated.

Napoli extinguished the fire in a hurry as coach Luciano Spalletti was expected to remain. However, it seems that general manager Cristiano Giuntoli, who has worked for 8 years, such as Kim Min-jae and Hvica Kvarachhelia, will also leave Naples, so there is an emergency in the supply of players for next season.

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