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Time for us to shine.

The motto of the home run king judge, as seen elsewhere, even the hitting coach tongue-in-cheek

“True efforts never betray.”

This is the motto of KBO homerun king Lee Seung-yeop (current manager of the Doosan Bears). It means that the sweat shed through rigorous training will bear fruit someday.

Major League home run king Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) has a similar motto. Judge hit 62 home runs last year, the most in a season in the American League. It goes without saying that Barry Bonds, Mark Maguire, and Sammy Sosa, the ‘steroid’ giants who hit more home runs, won praise and honor that they did not dare to enjoy.

Signing an FA contract with the Yankees and receiving 360 million dollars (approximately 433.8 billion won) for 9 years, he also achieved ‘wealth’. How is Judge spending the offseason after finishing a historic year as the American League MVP?

On the 2nd (Korean time), the New York Post, a local media outlet, interviewed Yankees hitting coach and staff about Judge’s training. Judge is currently sweating in Tampa, Florida, the team’s spring training site. where his house is He is said to be at the Yankees player development facility, where he works with DJs LeMay Hughes and Gleiber Torres. He is assisted in training by Richard Schenk, an individual hitting coach who has been with him throughout his major league career.

The New York Post said, “Jersey’s efforts led to the fruit of last year’s 62 homers, which remained the greatest story in the major leagues.” will pour,’ he said.

“There’s not the slightest hesitation,” Yankees hitting coach Dylan Lawson, who helped Judge train here during the offseason, said, “There’s not the slightest hesitation. What makes him special is that he trains hard. There are many hard-working, talented players. 메이저놀이터 “It’s very rare for a player with talent to do the same amount of training as Judge. He has both talent and hard work. But he’s not satisfied.”

It was a reference to Judge’s enormous amount of training. “Jersey wants more, even though he’s hit the ceiling. He set a really high bar last year,” Lawson said. “I’m sure he can hit .320 and .330 this year. Who knows? It’s within range.”

Judge had a batting average of 0.311 as well as home runs and RBIs (131) last year, competing for the top in this category as well. Although he failed to win the Triple Crown, he reached a batting average of 300 for the first time in his career. It is a state of prudence and pioneering at the plate that has reached its peak.

The New York Post said, ‘The Yankees will need the progress Judge has made this year. “The Yankees batting line is no different from last year because they caught Judge and Anthony Rizzo,” he said.

Judge said that he put the number ‘0.179’ on the background screen of his phone. He made his major league debut in 2016 and is a friendly batting average in 27 games. It is to look at this number and refine your mind. On his SNS, he wrote, “If what you did yesterday looks great today, you didn’t do anything today.” It means that you should try to get better every day.

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