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‘The Second Coming of Lim Chang-yong’ SSG new pitcher who appeared in the strongest baseball, shocking pitch

“It’s completely the glory of senior Lim Chang-yong.”

Baseball entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’. Although it is an entertainment show, it is loved by baseball fans because KBO legends never play roughly.

In the broadcast on the 1st, the scene of the second match of this season against the second group of SSG Landers was broadcast. The strongest baseball team, which gained momentum by defeating KT Wiz, was hit by the second group of SSG.

The SSG pitching staff was strong. No matter how great the players were, it was not easy to attack as the active young players were throwing fastballs close to 150km at the time of retirement.

Among them, there was one that caught the most attention. Ryu Hyun-gon appeared as the second pitcher in the 4th inning. His uniform number is the awkward number 06. He is 1m78 tall and weighs 78kg, which is not big for a professional player. He was a player that neither the legends he faced nor the viewers watching on TV had ever seen, so he was curious about what kind of ball he would throw, but he caught all eyes with one practice pitch.

Hyun-Gon Ryu threw a fastball close to 150km with a sidearm throw. It was a powerful ball that made me wonder how he could throw such a fast ball with that body. He wasn’t just fast. The ball twisted like a snake. The words “Im Chang-yong” came out of the mouths of the legends. Not only the fastball, but also the power of the slider was considerable. I lightly erased 1 inning.

I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of player he was. He was selected in the 8th round of the rookie draft as a rookie this year. In fact, it is a sobering reality that professional teams have low expectations for the players nominated in the 8th round. You can look at it as the order in which players with special strengths are selected in hopes of winning the lottery. Usually, high school grades are important when selecting new players, but physical abilities and potential for development are more highly evaluated.

Ryu Hyun-gon was known as the main character of impression in high school. Last year, he led the weak Cheongdamgo blast in the Golden Lion and put the team in second place. In the final against Gyeongnam High School, he did everything in his power, striking out as many as 11 in six innings. However, he had to cry watching the team’s come-from-behind victory after he stepped down due to the limit on the number of pitches in the final. Still, through this tournament, he made a strong impression on the baseball world.

The problem was the speed of less than 140km. As mentioned above, the body is not large, so there seems to be no room for a large increase in speed. Because of this, it is highly likely that he was pushed to the 8th round. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

However, SSG did not miss his potential. He judged that as long as he was good at controlling the game and managing the game, he could work well as a pro if he only increased his velocity through thorough training.

An official from SSG said, “After joining, we focused on training to build the body. Through the bio-mechanic program, we studied where to use strength, and through the drive line program, we trained players to use their actual strength properly to throw the ball strongly. By doing so, he gradually became able to throw strong balls.” I think he will adapt quickly because of this. In addition to his main weapon, the slider, he is improving his changeup.”

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