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Time for us to shine.

Thirst Phoenix to win, Shall we see the new solar Durant effect?

‘KD’ Kevin Durant (34‧208cm) eventually moves the team. Kyrie Irving’s move was a matter of great interest at a time when the transfer of Kyrie Irving had clouded the championship front of his team, the Brooklyn Nets. There were two scenarios: leaving Brooklyn, which had already lost a lot of power, and moving to a new team that could win, or feeling a sense of responsibility as a high-paid employee and an ace in the team, comforting colleagues, and correcting the faltering team.

The former was expected given the progress he has made in Brooklyn and the player’s individual tendencies, but there was also some anticipation of ‘would he belatedly awaken and show himself as a leader?’ In the meantime, it is true that Durant has suffered from criticism that ‘individual skills are outstanding, but the ability to lead a team is lacking’. In such a situation, it was clear that if Durant himself could take the lead and clear up the cluttered atmosphere, it would be a huge rebound in improving the image.

Irving’s impact was so strong, but it can’t be said that Durant was not at all responsible for the Brooklyn Big 3 mess. When the conflict between Harden and Irving was serious, rather than actively intervening, he was watching closely, and he disappointed many people by taking sides rather than blaming Irving, who had made a mess of the team atmosphere with his eccentricities on and off the court. .

Regarding this part, Charles Barkley poured out intense criticism, saying, “I am obviously excellent in terms of skills, but I am the worst as a leader. Every time I have to be the best player, I have not succeeded.” As he said, Durant is one of the best in the league in terms of his skills, but he didn’t feel like a star on any team except for his debut team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. 온라인바카라

In any case, there was no reverse. As many guessed, Durant decided to part ways with his team. The team he will work with in the future is the western powerhouse Phoenix Suns. Phoenix made a really big bet to bring Durant. Instead of receiving Durant and TJ Warren, Brooklyn will generously give Mikal Bridges, Cam Jones, and Jay Crowder unprotected first-round nominations in 2023, 20225, 2027, and 2029, as well as first-round nominations with exchange rights inserted in 2028.

Even so, it took a great deal of determination to give away a large number of first-round picks. This is because it can be seen as betting the entire future of the team. Depending on the circumstances, the butterfly effect may continue for 10 years or more. Nevertheless, the biggest reason behind the adventure was that he was thirsty for victory.

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