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Unsatisfied with the 40% batting average? KIA 19-year-old lead-off, awakened even the instinct of a solver

Lead-off to solve the problem?

Kim Do-yeong (19), an unfinished genius of the KIA Tigers, is not only a chance maker but also a solver. On the 18th, he showed off his clutch ability in an exhibition game against the Doosan Bears held at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field. 

Attack in the bottom of the 7th inning with a score of 2-3. Ryu Ji-hyeok chose a walk, and after a one-out, Kim Ho-ryeong hit a right-handed hit to take the 1st and 3rd base chances. Kim Do-hyeong retired with a bum hit in all three at-bats. 

When the opportunity came, his face changed. He did not back down from the confrontation with Doosan Pilseung Man Park Chi-guk. In the middle of a ball count of 1-2, when a full ball came into his body, he reflexively attached his right elbow to his side and made a swing. 

Although the batted ball missed, it was over the height of the shortstop, and third base runner Kim Gyu-seong (runner) lightly stepped on the groove to tie the score. It was a scene that stood out for his responsiveness at the plate. 스포츠토토

With this hit, he had a streak of five consecutive hits since the opening of the demonstration game. His batting average remained at 40%.

It was the 6th RBI in the demonstration game. He produced RBIs in 4 of 5 games. He had only one strikeout in 22 at-bats so far. That’s why he’s getting better at batting ball. Bulnet picked two. 

It was a game that revealed the presence of a lead-off showing the ability to clutch from a chance along with four home runs (two).

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