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Time for us to shine.

“We are finally competing too” Director Subero’s Big Smile

When asked about the starting lineup, he showed a bright smile. Looking back on the past two years, when it was difficult to form five starting pitchers, he predicted that the starting lineup would return more stably this year. It is Hanwha coach Carlos Subero who has promised to play better baseball with an ever-increasing number of starting pitchers.
As revealed in the recent rankings, there are many weaknesses, but the biggest weakness is the starting lineup. Hanwha last year had an average ERA of 4.88 for starting pitchers, which was the lowest in this category. Two existing foreign pitchers (Nick Kingham and Ryan Carpenter) left due to injuries, but the two foreign pitchers (Felix Pena and Yefri Ramirez) who were recruited as replacements also failed to complete the season due to injuries. The starting lineup collapsed, and the native starting pitchers struggled, finishing the season at the bottom for three consecutive years.

So, I actively moved in the FA market. Not only did he invest 9 billion won in Chae Eun-seong, one of the biggest beasts, but he also signed an FA contract with Lee Tae-yang, who is good at starting and middleman, and achieved ‘Lee Tae-yang’s return to Hanwha’. We hope that Lee Tae-yang will continue to play an active role in SSG last year, going back and forth between the start and the middle, at Hanwha.

First of all, Lee Taeyang’s position is a selection. Regarding the composition of the starting rotation on the 2nd, local time in the United States, coach Subero said, “In fact, it is an internal competition that must be done. However, for the past two years, the team has been unable to compete internally. After three years, the selection team finally competes. We are finally having an internal competition,” he said with a broad smile.

The starting lineup envisioned by Subero is as follows. 안전놀이터 First of all, five new foreign pitchers, Birch Smith, Pena, Kim Min-woo, Jang Min-jae, and Moon Dong-ju, are certain to enter the rotation. And they are followed by Nam Ji-min and Lee Tae-yang. There is no problem even if the rotation rotates with the 6th starter instead of the 5th starter while managing the number of pitches and innings of the pitchers at the beginning of the season.

In the past, there were many things to do to find a pitcher in the second team and change positions inevitably in order to fill the hole in the starting lineup. But this year, a stable starting lineup is finally being formed. Like last year, even if two foreign pitchers leave, a five-man rotation can be formed immediately.

In addition, coach Subero expected the growth of starting prospects. He said, “Nam Ji-min had an average ERA of 6 last year. However, you should not judge Nam Ji-min only by numbers. He really showed his growth every game. I am looking forward to what Nam Ji-min will show at Hanwha in the future.” The potential is really great. He is a player who will develop and lead not only Hanwha but also Korean baseball in the future.”

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