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What’s wrong with the foreign one-two punch… Lee Seung-yeop, but there was a “great income”

“Dylan Pyle is out with an injury, and I never thought Raul Alcantara would throw up to the 4th inning and go down.”

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop faced difficulties from the start. In the KBO League, the foreign one-two punch, which is said to determine half of the team’s strength, was uneasy. Second starter Dylan Pyle (27) will not be able to play on the mound for a month in April due to a bone injury. He still has to keep an eye on the player’s condition, so it is currently unknown when he will be able to pitch even after April. Ace Raul Alcantara (31) started in the opening game against the Lotte Giants held in Jamsil on the 1st and only allowed 4 runs in 4 innings, embarrassing the coach.

Director Lee expressed a bit of disappointment at Alcantara’s sluggish performance, saying, “Actually, I believed it. He was the first starter, and he played for two years in Japan, but he won 20 wins.” I look forward to pitching well in the next appearance.”

There was no way to just cry. Domestic ace Choi Won-joon (29), returning Pil Seung-jo, Park Chi-guk (25), and rookie Choi Ji-gang (22) showed off their best condition on the mound and made Lee laugh.

Choi Won-joon was a player whose ability to replace Dylan was sufficiently verified as a second starter. With 10 wins in 2020 and 12 wins in 2021, he fully took his place in the starting rotation, and in 2022, he only earned 8 wins due to a drop in his back, but when Ariel Miranda, the first starter at the beginning of the season, left due to an injury, he faithfully fulfilled his mission as the second starter. did it

Manager Lee hopes Choi Won-joon will endure as long as possible innings, as Alcantara’s sluggish performance in the opening game consumed a lot of the bullpen. Choi Won-joon pitched 7 innings against Lotte in Jamsil on the 2nd, giving up 5 hits, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts and 2 runs. Although he suffered a loss (0-2 loss) as he did not receive any scoring support, it was an activity that perfectly lived up to the expectations of the command tower.

Park Chi-guk and Choi Ji-gang are the players who made Lee laugh when the bullpen was shaking. Park Chi-guk was worried because his ERA was only 10.38 in 4⅓ innings in 6 demonstration games, but he came back 180 degrees different when the main game started. He pitched in both games of the opening series, pitching 2⅔ scoreless innings. In the opening game against Lotte on the 1st, when finisher Hong Kun-hee in the ninth inning was shaken, he took over the ball and took charge of 1⅔ innings, laying the foundation for a 12-10 victory in the 11th inning.

Regarding Park Chi-guk’s change, coach Lee said, “I can throw a lot of strikes. (During the demonstration game) the probability of breaking ball strikes has dropped a lot. After the last demonstration game, Park Chi-guk did not join Jamsil and spent the day in Icheon. He said he wanted to throw more because he seemed to lack a sense of the game. I think I got a sense at that time while playing a game in Icheon on the 30th. He has a good pitch, so if the probability of strike increases, it becomes a match with the batter. Isn’t it Hal? That has changed,” he explained.

Choi Ji-gang, who was a foster player in 2022, took the mound as the last pitcher in the top of the 11th inning against Lotte on the 1st, striking out 1 in ⅔ innings and making a perfect pitch, giving Lee a victory in his managerial debut. For Choi Ji-gang personally, it was the first win he won after 3 games in his first team debut. He drew attention by throwing a fastball that reached up to 150 km. Choi Ji-kang also appeared against Lotte on the 2nd and recorded a scoreless inning and started to solidify his position in the bullpen. 토토사이트

Coach Lee said, “Choi Ji-kang threw a good ball after joining the demonstration game in the middle. He received good reports from the 2nd team. He was injured last year and could not go to the 1st team’s spring camp this year due to poor condition, but he continued to receive good reports and demonstrations. He threw a good ball in the game. His slider and changeup are good. First of all, he is a pitcher who has a high probability of throwing strikes and his speed does not drop. I talked to pitching coach Jung Jae-hoon that Kim Kang-ryul was injured, so he could fill the position. Choi Ji-gang’s first win was a big deal for me too. Income,” he praised.

Although it was funny thanks to the three pitchers right now, in order to play a long game of 144 games, a foreign one-two punch needs to hold the center of the mound to survive. Dylan moved to Icheon on the 1st and started training to increase his pace. Around mid-April, after he undergoes a re-examination, he plans to set a specific date for his return. Alcantara should be able to lead at least 5 innings from the next appearance. That way, even pitchers with good pace can survive without spreading.

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