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Woori Bank’s quarterfinal PO opponent is Shinhan Bank?

The outline of the women’s professional basketball quarterfinal playoff match has been revealed. There is a high possibility that Asan Woori Bank and Incheon Shinhan Bank, Busan BNK and Yongin Samsung Life Insurance will face each other.
The regular women’s basketball league is coming to an end. 5 games left. Currently, only 2nd to 4th places have not been ranked.

BNK and Samsung Life Insurance are tied for second place, and Shinhan Bank is fourth. All three teams had two games left.

Currently, BNK has the most advantage in the competition for second place. This is because both teams had an advantage with 4 wins and 2 losses in the opponent match. Even if they win one more game, they secure 3rd place, and if they win both games, 2nd place is confirmed.

Samsung Life Insurance missed the opportunity to secure second place on its own. In order for Samsung Life Insurance to take second place, it must win one more win than BNK.

Shinhan Bank still has hopes of taking second place. Shinhan Bank wins both games, and BNK and Samsung Life Insurance lose both games. feasibility is low.
In addition, Shinhan Bank is the most disadvantageous in the ranking competition because the inferiority of the two teams is confirmed. Even if you want to go up to 3rd instead of 2nd, you definitely need 2 wins.

The three teams could be tied at 17-13. At this time, BNK will be in second place, Samsung Life Insurance in third place, and Shinhan Bank in fourth place. 온라인카지노

On the 26th, Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank will face each other. If Samsung Life Insurance defeats Shinhan Bank on this day, the playoff match in the quarterfinals will be confirmed between Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank, and BNK and Samsung Life Insurance.

The case where this matchup changes is when Shinhan Bank wins 2 times and either BNK or Samsung Life Insurance suffers 2 losses.

When will the women’s professional basketball quarterfinal playoff match be confirmed?

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